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Instagram post by @lyoungonline L. Young

Impromptu photo shoot with my niece the plus size baby model.


  • 23w ago msprettyricki msprettyricki

    I think she can fight.... she can be on my team any day! Love her little face😍😍😍😍

  • 23w ago tracief1992 tracief1992

    Such a cutie pie

  • 23w ago dezibaby326 dezibaby326

    😍😍 @lyoungonline

  • 23w ago margarita.claudio32 margarita.claudio32

    Soo beautiful

  • 23w ago lyoungonline lyoungonline

    @msprettyricki lol. I swear you gotta damn near levitate and make your head spin like the exorcist to get her to laugh. She looks at everybody like they suspect. Always got attitude. Frfr

  • 23w ago msd6833 msd6833

    what a doll!😍

  • 23w ago poetikjynx poetikjynx

    You have to know how to talk to her; babies don't do that gaa-gaa goo-goo anymore. . Sing, dance, but don't try to be funny with it; the regular tone of your voice will make them laugh

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