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Aww people are so sweet (fyi not my bike)

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  • 58w ago angie.vogt angie.vogt

    Thats so cute !!!

  • 58w ago tshoe4u tshoe4u

    Wow,sorry you had to see that in our country, majority of us are not that angry. Love your music, saw you in Seattle last September,instant fan! ROCK ON!

  • 58w ago whyi_am whyi_am

    That takes 'civilized human being' to new...dimensions... 😳😬

  • 58w ago iamsandog iamsandog

    So hilfsbereit die Menschen immer^^

  • 58w ago arilask arilask

    This made me laugh so hard

  • 57w ago katharina_limbach katharina_limbach

    Freundlich ist auch anders 😂