Donald J. Trump

2w ago

I have great confidence that China will properly deal with North Korea. If they are unable to do so, the U.S., with its allies, will! #USA

  • 6d ago mya_dempsey.xx mya_dempsey.xx

    @parker14nelson first of all don't call me "sweetheart" and second of all I have an opinion and some stuck up twat isn't gonna change it

  • 6d ago parker14nelson parker14nelson

    @mya_dempsey.xx so, you have no counter argument other than that no matter how many facts I throw at you... you won't change your opinion accordingly? #typicalliberal

  • 5d ago iago_parish iago_parish

    he's an idiot messsing with a dangerous necrocracy with thermonuclear weapons

  • 5d ago iago_parish iago_parish


  • 5d ago iago_parish iago_parish


  • 5d ago iago_parish iago_parish


  • 5d ago iago_parish iago_parish


  • 5d ago iago_parish iago_parish


  • 5d ago theycallmepaddyxox theycallmepaddyxox

    @ash__57, see, all is good.

  • 5d ago tfp_predaking tfp_predaking

    @iago_parish bit of an understatement calling him an idiot but ill give you that

  • 5d ago ash__57 ash__57

    @theycallmepaddyxox we're all going to die

  • 5d ago leu._.rose.w leu._.rose.w

    To me Donald is creating conflict in this world! And I know and believe everyone wants to live in peace, unfortunately Donald Trump doesn't see that!!

  • 5d ago first_hi_good_by first_hi_good_by

    Help irran

  • 5d ago tristan_reed_15 tristan_reed_15 you don't understand do you? I'm not trying to start conflict so please read this without being offended. Trump is making sure North Korea doesn't go and start bombing the U.S with nukes. Why do you think he is trying to get China to handle it

  • 5d ago tristan_reed_15 tristan_reed_15

    @iago_parish we have thermonuclear weapons

  • 5d ago tristan_reed_15 tristan_reed_15

    @1_nd_only_king if you'd watch the news you wouldn't need specifics

  • 5d ago ysjm5535 ysjm5535

    트럼프대통령님 믿어요🤗🤗🤗

  • 4d ago leu._.rose.w leu._.rose.w

    @tristan_reed_15 ok what ever you say

  • 4d ago aocall aocall

    If you left north korea alone you wouldnt have to "deal" with north korea 😑

  • 4d ago iago_parish iago_parish

    @tristan_reed_15 so do other crazy countries like Pakistan and India. Do you want to go to war with all of those countries as well.

  • 4d ago iago_parish iago_parish

    Ikr @tfp_predaking

  • 4d ago pucchy16 pucchy16

    He's gonna mess up the system 😫

  • 3d ago lucyanalia lucyanalia

    Porque crear un guerra si tenemos un mundo hermoso y una vida por delante futuros preciosos y arruinarlo con una guerra q no vale nada no resuelve nada solo son momentos tristes donde personas iguales pelean por un poder😷😓

  • 2d ago meklund90 meklund90

    @pucchy16 but North Korea won't?

  • 2d ago meklund90 meklund90

    @aocall we have left North Korea alone. But now they keep threatening to attack us and our allies with nuclear weapons. You do know America isn't the only one watching North Korea right? Have you forgot about North Koreas failed missile launch attempt? What a documentary on North Korea tell me what you think about there country.

  • 2d ago aocall aocall

    @meklund90 k. And I'm Australian and my school is the worst school (not gonna say exactly where)

  • 1d ago sorife sorife

    If you start a war you are ruining the future of a bunch of people that haven't even barely begun to start their lives.

  • 1d ago carny1234 carny1234

    WHY would We want Another War..

  • 1d ago _janneet_ _janneet_

    Do you guys think there's going to be a war?

  • 1d ago carolgoolsby carolgoolsby

    You're an idiot who knows nothing about foreign policy @realdonaldtrump

  • 20h ago liam_smith04 liam_smith04

    @carolgoolsby what does that mean

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