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Jobs are returning, illegal immigration is plummeting, law, order and justice are being restored. We are truly making America great again! #USA


  • 17w ago 1_nd_only_king 1_nd_only_king

    @meklund90 I said he is only helping the rich white republicans. If you are white and republican that means your not going to get any help. You must have misinterpreted wat I said

  • 17w ago bozemanite1 bozemanite1

    Are you KIDDING me??!?!!!?

  • 17w ago talladega1369 talladega1369


  • 17w ago jeremiah_kirkland jeremiah_kirkland

    @braden_wolves32 he never done that , it was a faked clip , ever heard of photo shop ? Dah

  • 17w ago yourgadri yourgadri

    We had an okay system

  • 17w ago yourgadri yourgadri

    Why? Just why? You come from a background of immigrants

  • 17w ago yourgadri yourgadri

    So why be rude? Is it bc you're not tan enough? Or because of the lack of understanding that people need help. We as Americans can help.

  • 17w ago yourgadri yourgadri

    But what are you doing?

  • 17w ago anyaandmokey anyaandmokey

    Here's a word you haven't heard NO you are wrong

  • 17w ago dominc_dempsey dominc_dempsey

    But nobody is talking about this... But as soon as this great man mistake its front page news... Why??

  • 17w ago kingreyes1 kingreyes1

    Does the president talk just because he has a mouth?? Where do i see justice in our criminal justice system?

  • 16w ago danksenpaii danksenpaii

    This is fake facts. LIER.

  • 16w ago n.fley n.fley

    Immigrants don't steal jobs because most Americans don't do what they do instead they are mostly Business people or in a higher placement.

  • 16w ago icgtheone icgtheone

    Or making it strict , soon marshal law will start .....

  • 16w ago lisamcglamery lisamcglamery

    Trump ur just like the rest for the rich u lied to get in office us poor people dont have a chance

  • 16w ago mattymueller32 mattymueller32


  • 16w ago elyayi22 elyayi22

    This guy lives in wonderland...@realdonaldtrump you are delusional!!

  • 16w ago hunterthomas8 hunterthomas8

    I love danlde trump

  • 16w ago shawn_c215 shawn_c215

    Donald J. Trump is so far, an amazing president. He is going to solve the problem of illegal immigration by building a wall on the border. #trump🇺🇸

  • 16w ago panther_jav panther_jav

    America great pah bullies is more like and the people gullable since you a business man may you could get an explanation as to why the following has happened The fact that the U.S. national debt has surpassed $19 trillion raises a number of important concerns. What are the consequences of amassing such a large public debt? How will it affect the future of our children and grandchildren? Will the government increase our tax burden? Is this just a house of cards waiting to collapse? These are only a few of the questions on the minds of Americans as we face the largest debt in our nation’s 240-year history.

  • 16w ago panther_jav panther_jav

    Immigration is not the problem just the smoke screen

  • 15w ago maceymacarthur maceymacarthur

    no human is illegal

  • 15w ago whoopsitsmeme whoopsitsmeme


  • 15w ago taestrada._ taestrada._

    People who have a small mind tend to have there mouth open

  • 15w ago litzy._.lizbeth litzy._.lizbeth

    America ain't gonna be great with you around

  • 13w ago balakayscardsandkicks balakayscardsandkicks

    Follow me daddy

  • 11w ago krc140287 krc140287

    Stop illegal immigration..Asians in general & Indians in particular are lapping up jobs & situations in ur country..These people r shrewd & cunning enough to manipulate officials & squeeze through loopholes in the emigration process to land in USA

  • 3d ago conservative.patriot conservative.patriot


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