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Purchased this beauty from #khassanan #chaiyapong 180cm ×140cm • oil on canvas
His inspiration : When I was young I always assumed Bonsai trees were special trees that only grew small, but they aren’t. They are just like any other trees that grow big, but rather than being allowed to reach their fullest size, bonsai trees are planted in miniature pots, their pots are stunted and their branches are pruned incessantly. This is similar to how most little girls in this world are being stunted by the elders in order for each “root” to grow while a different root must suffer so they could grow up in its supposedly full potential. Although on one point no one wants to be stunted in their growth, the fact that the more roots and deeper the roots grow the stronger the tree is compromising; and so does the fact that a little girl who could bare the stunt would eventually grow up to be an amazing woman.'
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  • 100w ago privatejetgirl privatejetgirl

    Its beautiful! 😍 The inspiration is very powerful and true to life. 🙌🏽

  • 100w ago tulxx tulxx


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