Instagram post by @katiemcmurrystudio Katie McMurry

Meet Evelyn. Pastry chef to the stars. Not really. Just a working mom who loves her job. Most of the time. She's not in her own restaurant but she is at least given a fair amount of autonomy over who she can hire to work with and under her which means she's proud of the bunch of folks she spends her days with. Some of them struggled to find jobs but Evelyn went with her gut and trusted the word of references more than resumes and therefore the work in her kitchen has helped turn around a few lives for the better. Not to mention made her some lifelong friends. #meetthewomen_kms #awomansplaceisintheresistance #dresslikeawoman #protestart #watercolorpencils #chef #dissentispatriotic #resistanceisworthit


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