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Instagram post by @weanimals We Animals / Jo-Anne McArthur

From this morning in Victoria, Australia, bearing witness to the opening day of the duck hunt. Devastating, needless suffering and death. Thank you to all who travelled to bear witness, provide care to the animals, and protest this violence.

Go to animalsaustralia.org to learn more and take action.

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  • 14w ago snapshotsofwellness snapshotsofwellness

    Such senseless evil.

  • 14w ago vegworcester vegworcester


  • 14w ago brooke_yamen brooke_yamen

    💔people who hunt have such a disconnect. I couldn't even imagine what goes through their head. Thank you for what you do.

  • 14w ago movelikelove movelikelove

    Thank you, again and for the rest of my life. Thank you so very much.

  • 14w ago _jenny_lb _jenny_lb

    Just such unbearable cruelty 😥

  • 14w ago domgrecophoto domgrecophoto

    Such a horrible shame. Thank you for your bravery @weanimals

  • 14w ago jennylovesmusic54 jennylovesmusic54

    😢😢😡😡So wrong💔💔

  • 14w ago laura_d85 laura_d85


  • 14w ago marie.0023 marie.0023

    It's such an injustice. Beautiful and innocent animals blasted out of the sky to fulfil mans sadistic thrill to kill. When will everyone wake up to the destruction and violence? Thank you for being there to give care to the injured and to raise awareness 💚🌱✊

  • 14w ago littlebylittleic littlebylittleic

    I'll never understand the conscious desire to hurt an animal...not just for survival, but for fun. Thank you for being there for them and to protest such cruelty.

  • 14w ago grandfatherwolf grandfatherwolf


  • 14w ago kiki_motter kiki_motter

    I hate hunters that do it for fun and sport

  • 14w ago njoyvoyage njoyvoyage

    💔Thank you for everything you do.

  • 14w ago tacogoon tacogoon

    Fuck hubters

  • 14w ago plantbased_gurl plantbased_gurl

    Fuck hunters🖕🏻💔

  • 14w ago irx_vegan_booklover irx_vegan_booklover


  • 14w ago rick.igloo rick.igloo

    read this on 9 news fb page that the hunters are now saying it was 'the protestors shot the freckled duck'

  • 14w ago hoplophobe96 hoplophobe96

    Do you eat them?

  • 14w ago bodhieden bodhieden


  • 14w ago bodhieden bodhieden


  • 14w ago ekfer ekfer

    @danielandrewsmp their blood is on your hands.

  • 14w ago swamp_to_bush swamp_to_bush

    That is a nice gray teel

  • 14w ago swamp_to_bush swamp_to_bush

    Nice shooting # whoever got it

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