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1w ago Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

A Melbourne Pig Save vigil earlier this week. The pigs were curious right until the end. They sniffed and licked us. They accepted water. They sought hope. 
It's heartbreaking.
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  • 1w ago kristen0911 kristen0911

    @lkuophoto 🙁🙁🙁

  • 1w ago khlandsman khlandsman

    Thank you for bearing Witness. The first time I saw a large truck was when I had to move to Colorado period being from an island in Maine, we never saw the livestock trucks. It took my breath away and induced a panic attack within seconds. We were both stopped at a gas station take place at the time. My inability to help all of those animals in that truck, coupled with my knowledge that this must happen a million times a day with a million different animals, with it visually being in my face. It was a sickness I'll never get over and I hope to never witness again

  • 1w ago janey5c janey5c

    💔 awful. #whyiamvegan

  • 1w ago sarahvic19 sarahvic19

    Thank you for giving the comfort. ❤️

  • 1w ago michellemyallen michellemyallen

    You carried their hearts till the end❤

  • 1w ago munciepetsitter munciepetsitter

    Thank you for giving them a little comfort.

  • 1w ago munciepetsitter munciepetsitter

    @khlandsman whenever I pass a truck on the highway or something my stomach turns and my eyes well up with years. It's uncontrollable and regardless of who is in the vehicle with me, I share my pain. Hopefully my honesty will impact someone.

  • 1w ago kcz2botb kcz2botb

    My heart ...

  • 1w ago cortlandj cortlandj

    Beautiful and heartbreaking photo. The LA vigil earlier this week is still aching in my heart and mind right now.

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    Love all your posts! <3

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    The fact that they still love people after everything we do to them makes me so enraged. We take advantage and exploit the sweetest animals and it makes us disgusting and vile.

  • 1w ago perfectnines perfectnines

    Splendid media!

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    Fuck, man.

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    If we could only hijack or tip the trucks over every time 🐷💜

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    Your eyes 😞😞😔😔😭😭😭💔🙏🏻😞😞

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    @karindahms @rjfmarques @marty_roots @_gabbycoutinho

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    Heartbreaking. Constantly trying to raise awareness.... spread the vegan message... and hope. Sometimes it is so so dim, being this aware and empathic. Thinking of you x

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    Poor baby, one act of kindness in her miserable life. Keep up the amazing work guys #nevergiveup

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    Being empathic is so painful . I can't make the unbearable pain stop. I want to save every animal on this planet and it frustrates me to no end that I can't. I do my part by living vegan and I constantly advocate for animals and hope that the message continues to spread. Never stop bearing witness @weanimals. It will change things. Just not fast enough. Dear God please help us 💔

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    Oh man.

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    😥 So heartbreakingly sad

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    So wrong...thanks for showing kindness!!!....so sad!!!😢😢💔💔

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    Love me some ham, yummo

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    The pigs and a truck down for the slaughterhouse breaks my heart more than anything else

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