Instagram post by @katiemcmurrystudio Katie McMurry

Meet Heather. She's going to get that eye fixed in photoshop (note to self make sure your hair is 100% dry before working on watercolors). Heather loves to swim. She sucks at it but is thankful her high school swim team didn't make cuts so she can tell everyone she got a varsity letter in it. She lifeguarded her way through high school and college summers and still loves to get a good swim in for a workout. She is a terrible runner and feels it is only necessary if you are being chased by bears or killer clowns. However, she wishes she could challenge all those runners to a swim because she knows even with her slow pace she has the skills, lung capacity, and refined stroke of a pro and can swim for days if necessary. She takes smug satisfaction in knowing all those runners would be dead after a couple of laps. #meetthewomen_kms #dresslikeawoman #watercolorpencils #dissentispatriotic #awomansplaceisintheresistance #protestart


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