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5w ago United States Supreme Court Building

When Justice Scalia died, giant corporations and their right-wing buddies spent millions to keep the Supreme Court seat open for Donald Trump. Judge Neil Gorsuch has a long, detailed record that shows he cares more about corporations than women, workers, consumers and families. I joined @prochoiceamerica & the People's Defense organizations on the Supreme Court steps this morning to kick off delivery of 1 million petition signatures for senators to oppose Judge Gorsuch. #weobject #stopgorsuch #scotus

  • 2w ago blissfullyjuju blissfullyjuju

    BIG DEAL! You are crazy!

  • 2w ago the_daily_libtard the_daily_libtard

    You are a cancer. @elizabethwarrenma

  • 2w ago ccsandage ccsandage

    Nice job!!

  • 2w ago ccsandage ccsandage


  • 2w ago pachm94 pachm94

    Hmmm, she is the cause of the wage gap, blames republicans. Warren is some kind of special aint she.

  • 2w ago winterenthusiast6583 winterenthusiast6583

    You are the last person that should be referring to things as nuts due to the fact you're psychotic. By the way, why haven't you paid your female employees the same wages as their male counterparts. Some women's rights activist, but this is expected from the left and their hypocrisy.

  • 2w ago captain1776 captain1776

    @elizabethwarrenma can't wait to see you voted out of office. You're the opposite of what the Founders wanted as elected officials. You're shameful.

  • 2w ago idayne idayne


  • 2w ago abigailthethird abigailthethird

    πŸ’₯ ✌

  • 2w ago cutebuster1 cutebuster1


  • 2w ago nanabrewer nanabrewer

    Your nuts πŸ₯œ old lady πŸ‘΅ move to Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ @elizabethwarrenma

  • 2w ago jodyygirl jodyygirl

    To bad chief asswipe! And the only reason why it was being delayed is bc all you jerkiffs thought Killary would win... hahaha go back to the reservation and smoke more peace pipes

  • 2w ago isis_shitbags isis_shitbags


  • 2w ago isis_shitbags isis_shitbags

    @pachm94 she's special ed

  • 1w ago esoteric_clothing esoteric_clothing


  • 1w ago austinrwaddell austinrwaddell

    @pachm94 Accusing others of that which you are guilty is a sadly effective strategy

  • 1w ago austinrwaddell austinrwaddell

    @gannolivia I would argue that most politicians in Washington aren't symbols of integrity or patriotism. If more politicians were like Bernie & Rand, regardless of political views, I think we'd all be better off.

  • 1w ago pachm94 pachm94

    @austinrwaddell πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ ooo burn. Snap. Lmfao. Special you. Snowflake

  • 1w ago kjw6.5 kjw6.5

    @elizabethwarrenma Neip Gorsuch actually was bipartisan for the most part. Sit down.

  • 1w ago t.m.duncan t.m.duncan

    Political obstruction...Good job holding back the people in office from doing things that will make citizens life better.

  • 1w ago insta_tom3 insta_tom3

    Come on. When Justice Scalia died, how many people thought Donald Trump was going to be elected President?

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  • 1w ago caysewhosoever caysewhosoever

    Yall just love crying about everything don't you? Hold the L and move on

  • 1w ago greg7sabella greg7sabella

    Stop wasting the American people's time, money, and energy on a fight that you lost, and will continue to lose. How is that fair to your supporters? @elizabethwarrenma

  • 1w ago greg7sabella greg7sabella

    @elizabethwarrenma any supporters of you, the very few, should be ashamed of you and fellow obstructive democrats. You guys are scamming the American people.

  • 1w ago tyler_j3 tyler_j3

    He cares more about the constitution than corporations...

  • 1w ago ethel_jean_mertz ethel_jean_mertz

    Lying cow. Excuse me, Running Bear

  • 6d ago kaklein76 kaklein76

    Quit slandering other people's reputation.

  • 2d ago angelinae.rae angelinae.rae


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