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  • 62w ago krinkle531 krinkle531

    It gets so tiresome when the church tries to say "judging" someones fruit is being judgmental. The scripture tells us to look at the fruit. A rotten tree does not produce good fruit.

  • 62w ago ____chan_scott___ ____chan_scott___

    So so true

  • 62w ago child_of_god_69_ child_of_god_69_

    This is so very true!!

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  • 62w ago lucille.sara lucille.sara

    There's righteous judgement and then there's unrighteous

  • 62w ago lucille.sara lucille.sara

    @krinkle531 amen and amen

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  • 62w ago thejennalanephotography thejennalanephotography

    This is not true

  • 62w ago amanda_j_giordano amanda_j_giordano

    😂😂😂😂 yes!

  • 62w ago lydiahardman1818 lydiahardman1818

    amen so true😄

  • 62w ago colleen.franklin colleen.franklin

    Ain't that the truth

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  • 62w ago cafu2002 cafu2002

    How true it is. Thank you for that gentle reminder.

  • 62w ago annie_n_maddie annie_n_maddie

    Matthew chapter 7 talks about judging. You can judge as long as you are not being a hypocrite and with the same gentleness as you'd want to be judged.

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  • 62w ago nealmartha nealmartha

    Not true...

  • 62w ago valerie.ann.holmes valerie.ann.holmes

    @krinkle531 Please #preach this #truth !!! Holding our sisters and brothers in Christ accountable as we ourselves should want be held accountable according to Scripture is not being judgmental... if you are in doubt please pray for discernment, knowledge and wisdom and Read all about it in your Bible !!! Blessings

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    So true

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    Amen Amen and Amen

  • 62w ago skyryeal skyryeal

    True - how does that work? :)

  • 62w ago angtrahan angtrahan

    Hahaha SO true!

  • 62w ago glenisbrimer glenisbrimer

    But there is righteous judgement.. there is that. Matthew 7.. come on now, let's read it all. I/we all need to be called on our stuff at times. And my loving sisters/brothers who are close enough to me are welcome to it. Please do.

  • 62w ago sharyluck sharyluck

    @glenisbrimer exactly!

  • 62w ago sharyluck sharyluck

    judgment of specific nature IS biblical, so tired of those who dont know their bible or not wanting to be called to acct forgetting this!

  • 62w ago adadadah adadadah

    So deep.. and yet, so true 👍

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  • 62w ago barge.regina barge.regina

    That's true

  • 62w ago loriteaches loriteaches

    Wow... great thought!

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    Yeah, very truth

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    True #goodgifts

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  • 62w ago erinbragg049 erinbragg049

    I tell myself instead

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  • 62w ago s.donnah s.donnah

    Truth! Amen

  • 62w ago kcremer02 kcremer02

    @lydss1225 😱

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