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IF YOU GET TRIGGERED BY OPINIONS than continue reading because it's childish if you cant hear an opinion that doesn't agree with you. This post isnt to offebd anyone but just opent their eyes in the #hamiltonthemusical #hamilton fandom. This is about the #galactibun problem ✍
To explain how Jasmine is chubbier (or thicker) than Renee and Phillipa, I made this collage. Galactibun draws Peggy and Maria acurately in my opinion. As an artist, I also try my best to make characters look different from each other instead the exact same body. Renee is more built than the other two women with wide shoulders. Phillipa has a triangular shape (according to the shape chart - apple, pear, hourglass, etc.). She has more hips with a smaller bust. This would be another thing galactibun would draw, especially her defined cheekbones and jawline. Jasmine, on the other hand, has an hourglass body. She has a bigger bust size and wide hips. Proportionally, her waist isn't small but doesn't define her well. Galctibun draws her with these features as a chubby-ish or thicc girl with an hourglass body.(Aka the reason why "they draw Maria with overly-exaggerated features" or "fish lips" when her lips is a very important part of her character.) They "exaggerate" certain features because it's an important feature in the characters. Let Galactibun be.


  • 74w ago revomewtion revomewtion

    THANK YOU!!!

  • 74w ago saltysolangelo saltysolangelo


  • 74w ago doublewhammiie doublewhammiie

    Exactly!! They are just trying to have variety!!!

  • 74w ago kristen.psdd kristen.psdd

    yes!!! i hate when people tell artists "you're drawing them wrong" because artists are the type of people who spend HOURS studying bodies and shapes so they do draw people correctly

  • 74w ago

    @singleladysaturn YES πŸ‘ WE πŸ‘ DO πŸ‘ bro it aggravates me when people look down at other artist and they can't even come close to what galctibun can do. Just let them be

  • 74w ago angrykydz angrykydz

    I love how she draws them. Its amazing.b


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