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My new #bulletjournal is ready! I spent last night with my guide, my @pilotpenusa Metropolitan Fountain Pen (one of my favorites!), my Dr Grip 0.5 Pencil, and my @leuchtturm1917 pocket notebook getting everything set up! The great thing about using a #bujo is that you can use any notebook and make it your own! I wanted a Pocket size so I can easily toss it in most of my purses - it isn't much larger than my iPhone! I made a Future Log / Calendex / Monthly Calendar instead of a 2 page grid. I have places to record my business stats, currently in pencil so I can tweak. 90 days of Editorial Calendar. Since the book is smaller, I think it won't last more than 90 days, which I'm ok with. I like working in quarters. Slide to see all the photos! #thelifeboss #productivity #plannernerd

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