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I'm enjoying seeing these birthing videos that show a gentler way of birthing c sections so that babies experience 'being born' , a slower more natural way of entering into this world. My daughter was an emergency c section performed after 72 hours of active labour... I've no idea of her exit but emergency was the key word #csection #ceasariansection #baby #birth #Repost @motherhoodrising with @repostapp
"Oh holy holy belly breech birth! This phenomenal birth facilitated & filmed by @fertilugo a OBGYN from Venezuela writes, (translated from Spanish to English), “One of the most common reasons to perform a c-section is the ‘podalica position’ (sitting or breech) which is when the baby is placed with the foot down. It is a position which, no doubt, poses serious problems for vaginal birth, but, however makes it impossible for the baby. We can see in this video a birth, respectful and careful with obstetric maneuvers, and with a vigilance that ensures the safety of the baby and the mother. With patience, listening to the music that the parents choose for this moment, and with the support of the father and their doula, the mother can be held throughout the whole process. After birth the baby can immediately be with his mother. Delayed cord clamping. Early attachment; in union doctor and patient can achieve a birth that is respectful.” #partorespetado #birthrespect #cesarea #cesarean #cesarearespetada #cesareanrespect #respectfulbreechbirth #respect #respectfulcesarean #parto #birth #cesareanbirthismagical #bellybirth | Found through the magical @doulascienceandsoul ❤ Words by @doulascienceandsoul video and description by @fertilugo


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    Thanks for sharing my video, greetings from Venezuela 🇻🇪

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    Breech situation, so complicated to manage

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    اللهم إرحم أمي وجازها بالجنه أنت أكرم الأكرمين . وإغفر لنا ياكريم .

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    Which kind big balls @mrncee


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