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How do you like Breath of the wild so far? ☺️ I'm really in love with this game even though I sometimes miss the epic music of other Zelda games. But still very very happy after all those years of waiting :D


  • 79w ago tigalina tigalina

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  • 79w ago ismaelpenalva ismaelpenalva

    Go to the hyrule castle and you will listen the epic music, when I went I almost cry :'D

  • 79w ago wasted_x3 wasted_x3

    Visit the horse of my fav songs in OoT ;) this game is rly awesome...I just try to go to goronia. ..Well 10 hours Later ...noch goronia but a Lot of fun, shrines ...magic

  • 79w ago ledspencer ledspencer

    Exactly how I feel! It's definitely the most epic Zelda so far in my opinion, but majora's mask will always have my heart because of the soundtrack

  • 79w ago gigosworld gigosworld

    Loving it!. After a weeks worth of shrine hunting and exploring I finally met Impa. 😋

  • 79w ago benebroom benebroom

    I feel like the riddles in the shrines are way too easy and the horses lack some discipline imo 🤔

  • 79w ago solidcake90 solidcake90

    Ugh I have the game but haven't been able to get my hands on a Switch yet 😕

  • 79w ago neurochris neurochris

    Yay! MORE POSTS! :D

  • 79w ago taylortwili taylortwili

    Missed your posts!! And you're so lucky you got that statue! I couldn't find that master edition anywhere! 😭

  • 79w ago poke_link poke_link

    I do not like zelda sorry she is so... not nice.

  • 79w ago poke_link poke_link

    I miss some memory maybe that is the problem, but still

  • 79w ago xile6 xile6

    Great game so much to do it in. And ingot the bundle also it kinda sucks that the carrying case looks so cheap

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  • 70w ago f.danisch_tattoo f.danisch_tattoo

    👍👍👍 !

  • 60w ago xtwilightprincessx xtwilightprincessx

    Awesome posts hunny 👌🏻😘

  • 13w ago vivalatabs vivalatabs

    I was looking back at old post and you were my first ever comment over 5 years ago!! Miss your photos. Hope you’re doing well ❤️

  • 11w ago tigalina tigalina

    @vivalatabs oh really? Haha, that’s awesome 😊 yes, I’m doing really good - I’m just not using this account so often anymore. But still a huge Zelda and Nintendo fan of course 😋 how are you? ❤️

  • 8w ago thecandnshow thecandnshow

    Great 👌✌️


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