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@LookAtBensPhoto Night skating in SF on @TransworldSkate's site say no more fam! 👑


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    First comment❌❌

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    This video is on point with the filming and editing

  • 63w ago alvxisrisen alvxisrisen

    Probably a stupid question but nonetheless could somebody PLEASE confirm for me whether SF is South Florida or San Fransisco, I've never been sure which one it is, and for all I know it could possibly even be some place other than the two I just mentioned. I would greatly appreciate it if somebody could please confirm that for me. On a side note, this video is truly a blessing upon my feed.🌹Would really love to see more of this if at all possible. Is this by chance part of a full video that I am unaware of or is it just the individual clip? In any case, thank you guys for such an awesome clip. Been having a pretty shit day today and watching this clip just gave me all the reason to go out and skate, and for that @venturetrucks I thank you❤

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    @dadsdinner @murked

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