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They're just so....predictable.
#cats #baskets #edgarsmission


  • 22w ago tiedyedtofu_ tiedyedtofu_

    Ahh how's it going down there!? He's a cute kitty!

  • 22w ago sharnasveganlife sharnasveganlife


  • 22w ago lauren.choplin lauren.choplin

    Kind of like how my dog immediately lies down on literally anything we put on the floor โ˜บ

  • 22w ago tizberetta tizberetta

    Box/basket - same/same ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • 22w ago

    They always need somewhere to sit whilst plotting world domination.

  • 22w ago jennylovesmusic54 jennylovesmusic54


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