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Instagram post by @x.merylstreep.x Meryl Streep

50 facts of meee πŸ‘‡πŸ’•
1. My name is Anna πŸ’
2. I'm 14 years old
3. I live in Germany
4. Meryl is my love and my absolutely favourite actress πŸ’•
5. My second love is Michael Jackson πŸ’š
6. My best friend is @merylstreep.m πŸ‘­
7. My favourite movies are it's complicated, somethings gotta give and the love punch
8. My fave songs at the moment are human nature and survivor
9. I love music more than anything else
10. I love dogs 🐢
11. I love horses 🐴
12. I used to play soccer ⚽
13. I love every streeper πŸ˜‡
14. I love every moonwalker ✨
15. I have 3 guinea pigs 🐹
16. I want a dog 🐢
17. I love 80s music
18. and also 90s music
19. don't like the music from today
20. I like Whitney Houston, Queen and John Lennon πŸ’•
21. I also love Emma Thompson 😜
22. Love it to dance (especially MJπŸ•΄)
23. Also love singing
24. I am afraid of a lot of things
25. My fave color is black β™₯
26. I have one younger sister
27. I have a huge family
28. love my friends ❀
29. English is my favourite language 😍
30. I have this account for 1 1/2 years (omg the time flies)βŒ›
31. I love FOOD
32. I spent to much money on CDs and dvds πŸ™„
33. my favourite youtuber is @loganpaul πŸ’• #logang4life
34. I spend most of my free time in ma beeed πŸ˜…
35. I'm a streeper since I first saw Mamma Mia in 2008/09
36. I laugh at everything! πŸ˜‚
37. I love pizza and burgers πŸ”πŸ•
38. My personal account is @anna__ktr
39. My other fan account is @daaner.ous
40. I'd love to travel ✈
41. My favourite country is the USA
42. When I'm older I wanna be an actress 😍
43. My Birthday is sep. 11th 2002
44. Michael Jackson is my crush 😻
45. I wanna marry him πŸ™ˆπŸ’‘
46. I cry a lot when I watch videos of him πŸ’”
47. I LOVE Disney Movies πŸ™Œ
48. Love you
49. Streeper For Life ❀
50. That's all


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