Instagram post by @makiwi Makiko Itoh

These chicory cookies are really delicious. They're from northern France so we can only get them here in the south of France when Lidl is having a Northern France fest. (Or by mail order.) The ingredients don't look too bad for factory made cookies. They have that hint of coffee-ish chocolate-ish bitterness of chicory, and are very buttery too. #france #livinginfrance


  • 66w ago kingmobuk kingmobuk

    Oh wow!

  • 66w ago lidia__ys lidia__ys

    The Lidl northern Fr festival is ongoing or is it already finished, please? I live in South too and is too difficult to get my hands on it!

  • 66w ago makiwi makiwi

    @jardin_d_eden it's over at our local Lidl but you can try yours maybe? ^_^

  • 66w ago lidia__ys lidia__ys

    @makiwi cheers, I'll try asap ^^

  • 66w ago ellenharold ellenharold

    How lucky you are!! I'm hungry.

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