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S U N D A Z E. ☀️
Today marks two full weeks from the day I planted these babies. A few are still in their makeshift greenhouses without a seedling but soul many are starting to bud and flourish. This is possibly the most rewarding hobby I have ever taken on. Just imagine a child getting their hands on a science experiment and watching it morph from start to finish, that's the level of excitement I receive from watching these little seeds grow into plant beings. The vibrational energy on this window sill is unimaginable. What you see here are #MediumRoundTomato , #Basil , #ButternutSquash , #Sunflowers , #GreenBeans , #Oregano , #Chives + #Dill. 🌱🌿
#healingwithahippy #plantmamadiaries

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