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Instagram post by @amber_helena Amber Spiker

75 degrees five days ago. A snow squall today. Crazy weather, but I'll cherish any warm, sunny days God gives us in the middle of winter!


  • 33w ago knotsnkneedles knotsnkneedles

    We woke up to snow too. Shouldn't be surprised but the warm weather definitely had me hoping spring was here.

  • 33w ago kellythecarelesscat kellythecarelesscat

    Yeah, we've had some crazy weather here, too. But crazy weather is kinda the normal for Colorado. 😄

  • 33w ago amber_helena amber_helena

    @knotsnkneedles - I know! Me too! But spring is almost here! Just keep focusing on that. My daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips are already up out of the ground, just not in bloom yet. I hope they survive the several inches of snow we're already gotten today.

  • 33w ago our_life_in_pa_ our_life_in_pa_

    @amber_helena we have crazy wind as well as snow😩 What parts of PA?

  • 33w ago amber_helena amber_helena

    @our_life_in_pa_ - Hey Laura! I live in Western PA, about 45 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

  • 33w ago our_life_in_pa_ our_life_in_pa_

    @amber_helena Nice! I have an Aunt that lives in Beaver, have you heard of it. I'm in south central PA, 30 minutes south of State College.

  • 33w ago amber_helena amber_helena

    @our_life_in_pa_ - Sure, I know where Beaver is. My sister lives near there. And I'm also familiar with State College. 😊

  • 33w ago our_life_in_pa_ our_life_in_pa_

    @amber_helena oh cool!! Small world❤

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