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#btcwhatwouldyoudo? Ok this one may seem strange... please don't use my name! I recently consulted w/ a new client from out of state. She seems great, but after complete consult, she informed me that everything sounded wonderful except she would need me to use a particular type of box color on her! She said it's the absolute ONLY color that has never broke her out! So of course after my usual "box color spiel" she begged me to call her original stylist from out of state... which I did. Sure enough the stylist said she was a great longtime client, always on time, good tipper BUT it was true, after trying numerous big color names on her, that in fact, it was that one box color brand that never broke her out. SO... my obvious question is... should I do it? Apply/use box color on her? It goes against everything I know... but If it really is the only thing that doesn't break her out??? I'm so confused, I want to do the right thing for the client... but what if other stylists see? Or clients? Has this happened to anyone else?.What should I do? #BEHINDTHECHAIR


  • 30w ago bizaarbarbie bizaarbarbie

    Do it of course who cares it really isn't that serious 😂

  • 30w ago mrsolive2229 mrsolive2229

    I have 2 clients like this. I have them buy 2 or more boxes every couple appts and save them in my cabinet in the lab. Then i just mix in private. And put in my own bottle or bowl with brush. I do charge a little less since they did bring their own color. Talk it over with her and see what she paid the other stylist.

  • 30w ago que3nc que3nc

    This is def something that goes against everything we believe in, I had the same struggle but as a previous commenter said, it's not that serious, just do it, everyone is different and react differently to certain things, she has probably been through enough to feel so strong about what she needs, At the end of the day atleast she's coming in and making you money when she can clearly do it herself. I have a few of these clients and I do mix with more discretion. And why not if it makes them happy! That's what we are here for! Goodluck and have fun!

  • 30w ago hairby.katherine.savage hairby.katherine.savage

    I have a clients that and I take the box and wrap it up in a towel and go to the back room and mAke it up.

  • 30w ago hairby.katherine.savage hairby.katherine.savage

    And also has allergies to colour, so we use this color from a health food store

  • 30w ago lululoveshair_ lululoveshair_

    Maybe there are other choices? Has she really checked all resources and could using that product be prevented? I'd look for all the other options before using that

  • 30w ago shannonhoadley shannonhoadley

    I have a Great client who had similar issues. I agreed to allow her to bring her own color that worked but did not guarantee the color. She is limited in color options in the color line she uses and there isn't a great "ash" color to pick so she is warmer than she's ever been but that was the concession she had to make. I also do not offer a discount as it is still my expertise in the application and placement of hilights.

  • 30w ago acortes1990 acortes1990

    Try aveda? I have a lot of sensitive clients and. It never bothers them.

  • 30w ago kara_airnsun kara_airnsun


  • 30w ago x_milonas x_milonas

    If you won't use her box color on her don't color her hair bc unless you can 100% guarantee her what you use on her will not give her a reaction which you can't and since she has been coloring with box color whatever you use on her will need to be strong enough to lift the box color you have to decide that on your own

  • 30w ago helen.alllan helen.alllan

    I would use the box colour. It's not the product but your technique that will create a beautiful finish. It may need more TLC afterwards to keep it in best condition

  • 30w ago juliabelzetsky juliabelzetsky

    I would. Box color isn't death, it's just not for people who want to go lighter eventually and it has rules of professional color and that's why people doing it at home have such bad outcome because you still have to know how to color hair from a professional standpoint to understand how it works.

  • 30w ago thekall_d thekall_d

    I would do a test patch with whatever brands you're using in your salon first and if she does in fact break out, I honestly wouldn't go ahead with doing box colour in the salon. I would do it privately for her and do her cuts in the salon because the fear of other people seeing is too big and clients my feel if you do it for one, you can do it for them all!

  • 30w ago matts_hair_embassy matts_hair_embassy

    Don't do it!!! Insurance policies are there for a reason. There are plenty more salons out there what makes this one client so special she can tell you what to use. If she's allergic to colour then end of. If it's a box colour why isn't she doing it herself. Don't tarnish your reputation for a client you know nothing about!!

  • 30w ago jteezmom jteezmom

    Not worth it...don't do it

  • 30w ago collettecutthroats collettecutthroats

    In the name of keeping a trusted and loyal client YES use the box colour 😍💇✌

  • 30w ago fallons.mane.concern fallons.mane.concern

    Have the client to bring in the color during down time at the salon when it's not busy or no one is there that way no one has to see her giving you the color and formulate speculation/questions(even though it's no one else's business anyway); the goal is to not only satisfy our clients and make money but to also accommodate them by making them our top priority each time they visit our chair and I do believe going about it this way will show her just that. Sometimes we have to do things we aren't completely comfortable with to achieve the greater good👍🏾

  • 30w ago kerri_b14 kerri_b14

    Use the box color on her and ask her if she's willing to do a patch test with the color you use at the salon

  • 30w ago jodigrossman jodigrossman

    Get her to sign a waiver, do it and charge your full price. Box dyes suck but allergic reactions are nastier. If this works for her and she's paying full price, and it's being done by a professional, just do it.

  • 30w ago sioboston sioboston

    Yes use it, no biggie. Clients sometimes know their own hair.mix it in the back and it's no one else's business.

  • 30w ago sioboston sioboston

    Also I use keune sopure on clients with scalp issues, try a patch test on her inner arm.

  • 30w ago lashesbytiaj lashesbytiaj

    Mmmm.... I'd tell her that you only use professional products and you're sorry you can't use her box color.

  • 30w ago grace.morehouse grace.morehouse

    I would use the color but your own developer, most boxes use too strong of one. Also, while she's in your chair so a patch test with your color in the same shade

  • 30w ago getcutordyebyvanessa getcutordyebyvanessa

    I would use it. I have a client that we were in a similar situation. We tried so many different color lines, including Demi color. I had a hard time accepting the truth, but I felt that as long as I could educate her about everything else for the health of her hair, it was ok. 😉

  • 30w ago summerjoydesigns summerjoydesigns

    I would be willing if I already had a relationship with her as a client. It could be a scam, and you dont want to take responsibility for using the box color you know nothing about. Not worth the risk!

  • 30w ago hair.by.marlee hair.by.marlee

    I have a client just like this.. even brings her own shampoo and conditioner. She's a great every 5 week client and very generous tipper. I charge her the same as I would for using the salon color. She's happy...I'm happy!!!

  • 30w ago flgrl00 flgrl00

    @hairsbychristine wow. I have had pretty horrific allergic reactions to shampoos, conditioners, all kinds of products and they are mostly salon brand products. If it was me sitting in your chair and you reacted like your post, it would embarrass and humiliate me. It's not that I don't want to use some products but that I can't! I deserve to be treated with respect, after all I am a human being with feelings and I am a paying customer.

  • 30w ago stephygoddess stephygoddess

    If she's willing to pay the same price as if you were using professional color, I would do it! If she's a loyal client, it's worth it! Just don't do it for anybody

  • 30w ago hairsbychristine hairsbychristine

    @flgrl00 first let me apologize for commenting and you taking it the wrong way.. it was not meant to hurt your feelings or humiliate you in anyway.. I understand that people have severe allergic reaction's and they're very sensitive to certain products .. all I was trying to state is that if you were going to obtain a professional stylist to use something you bought in a store, you have to expect a lot of stylists would not take that responsibility or liability on.. ANYONE can apply a color, and I'm sure that you would not go in any other professional service and bring your own products and expect them to use them on you.. if you expect that, then I'm sorry I offended you.. and just so you know, I would politely tell a client that, without embarrassing them or humiliating them😊

  • 30w ago tinaatmarbleshair tinaatmarbleshair

    I've done that many times and never had a problem.Just explain that you are happy to use the colour but the client has to understand that it was her choice to use it.Charge properly and you may have a client for life.When mixing keep packaging discreet.There is no need to explain it to anyone else.had an acquaintance who wanted me to foil highlight her hair with her own box colour.I said I couldn't guarantee her colour and asked her if I could alternate my own colour in the foils.Well the colour she had brought in didn't lift went too golden but luckily was hardly noticeable the colour I chose was right on and looked great.So use your discretion and only if you feel comfortable do it.If it is a colour going a few shades lighter be aware.Most likely the clients already used it and knows the result.Make sure you are insured for liability just in case or don't do it..

  • 30w ago dino_medina dino_medina

    @hairsbychristine @hairsbychristine @hairsbychristine just because you're a "professional" doesn't mean you know everything about a persons hair/skin. That person knows what he/she can handle ESPECIALLY with the fact that they are HIGHLY allergic. If you think it's okay to do whatever the hell you want with somebody else's hair than I feel sorry for your clients. The lady is BEGGING for her to do her hair with the box color because of her SERIOUS ALLERGIC REACTIONS. How does that make somebody sound high maintenanced and disrespectful. She went in for a consult not a damn hair appointment and she let her know that she can't handle ANYTHING ELSE other than the box color. She even has a PROFESSIONAL vouching for her that that product is the only product she can handle and it's not right to sit there and make her go through little experiments WHEN SHES ALREADY BEEN THROUGH IT ONCE BEFORE. I'm pretty sure she knows her skin better than anyone. So rude. Do you think she feels good having to beg somebody to use the box color on her hair and be rejected time after time? No I didn't think so. Put yourself in her shoes instead of sounding snobby and shaming the client.

  • 30w ago khwalsh83 khwalsh83

    I personally wouldn't. You might need to check your states's regulations regarding using OTC color. good luck! It seems like a tricky situation.

  • 30w ago hairsbychristine hairsbychristine

    Wow wow wow! I really thought that this was a forum to express your opinion! I'm really regretful that I have done so because certain people get so upset and DEFENSIVE and go on the attack and it's really not worth it!

  • 30w ago chickirivera chickirivera

    I went through this when I was about 5 years in. I was given the same story. I had her bring the box in. I told her I wanted to see what she was using; was it permanent, temporary etc. Was it a one bottle application or two? I then asked her if her former stylist had ever performed patch tests or if she discovered her reaction to hair dye only when it was on the head. She said she didn't know what a patch test was but every color but that one burns her head. I told her I would be happy to accommodate her but only after I performed the prerequisite patch tests for permanent, Demi-permanent and semi-permanent color. I told her what it entailed and explained I would also use her box color in the test (at my expense) as a control sample. She refused. She was adamant even though she had never had a patch test, had never had a service done with my brand. I didn't end up doing the service. Even had I chosen to use her box she would have had to have had a patch test and the fact that she never had one was a red flag that she thought she could save some cash. I would try to be as professional as possible. But keep in mind it is a chemical and one you have no idea as to its components. Ask a lot of questions. And in the end should you decide to perform the service, do not discount your price just because she's bringing in her own color and have a carefully worded waiver signed before hand. Good luck. @btcwhatwouldyoudo

  • 30w ago callcaseys callcaseys

    Listen to your client! I've had same or similar situations. In my experience MOST people know what works for them. You also have every right to ask the client to sign a release form for your protection. It isn't completely professional BUT I personally think it shows that you'll willing to do what it takes to make your client happy. Also if you don't do her hair someone else will, so why not make her fabulous! 😎

  • 30w ago callcaseys callcaseys

    @jodigrossman I agree she should charge full price

  • 29w ago cubbyfish cubbyfish

    Oh HECK NO!

  • 29w ago cubbyfish cubbyfish

    I would explain that I only work with my own professional, quality products. ( true). I'd also explain that it is ILLEGAL to have someone bring in 'outside' color. (especially products you can get on sale at Walmart). Maybe this is not totally true, but is an effective statement. Colorists offer their EXPERTISE, not just the actual color they're using! If it were all that simple, colorists everywhere would have been out of work long ago. You can guarantee her that all products you are supplying and working with, are of better quality for a long list of reasons. If she has had reactions to color in the past- do a simple patch test. NO MATTER WHAT. CYA!There is NO WAY that I can believe this woman gets such great color from a 'BOX'. ALSO-- Never let a client cause you to do ANYTHING against your better judgement , or to contradict what you KNOW, being the professional. Clients WILL TRY to manipulate you. Remember-You're the boss! Also- charging FULL PRICE will NOT help if results from THE DREADED BOX goes wrong. It's also not worth other clients observing you using NON-PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS!😉💇🏼

  • 27w ago dino_medina dino_medina

    @hairsbychristine people wouldn't have to go on the defensive if your comments weren't rude and straight up disrespectful.

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