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Black Knight: The Black Knight satellite is a satellite that is around 13,000 years old. The Black Knight was first discovered in 1899 by a man with the name of Nikola Tesla (Pg.2). This elusive satellite is said by some Esoteric theorists to have been beaming signals towards the Earth maybe for thousands of years. The first person to receive the signals is Tesla. The Black Knight was any satellite. In the 1960s the Black Knight satellite was located once again in Polar Orbit. Astronomers and Scientists calculated the object’s weight to be around 10-15 tons which would be at that time the Heaviest Artificial Satellite to orbit our Planet. In the 1960s the Black Knight Satellite caused a media storm when American newspapers, including Time Magazine, all reported there was an unusual object in polar orbit. Polar orbit is a orbit in which a satellite passes above or nearly above both poles of the body being orbited on each revolution. (Pg.3) Summary: The Black Knight has been orbiting earth for 13,000 years and was first discovered in 1899. It is a satellite that has been beaming signals to earth for 1,000 years with a polar orbit.

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