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9w ago

Young activists bearing witness to the opening day of the duck hunt in Victoria, Australia last week. Hunters held up dead birds, taunting protesters. Birds who fell out of reach were left to die or were collected by rescuers who attempted to save their lives or humanely euthanize them. It was an awful morning.
Go to animalsaustralia.org to learn more and take action.

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  • 9w ago vgan_tierverteidiger vgan_tierverteidiger

    If the fear and screams of a being subjected to violence, a child's face full of sadness and horror do not move someone to realize their wrongdoing ....

  • 9w ago portermef portermef

    Killing animals is so sad. Thats the truth

  • 9w ago plant_hearted plant_hearted


  • 9w ago em.i.ly em.i.ly


  • 9w ago megan.lindeman megan.lindeman

    People are so cruel. That is terrible they taughted them, bu what a positive light to have these young activists!

  • 9w ago kayla_humphrey kayla_humphrey

    So brave

  • 9w ago jennylovesmusic54 jennylovesmusic54

    These beautiful children are our future...we can't let them down by allowing this cruelty to continue.

  • 9w ago tschlenkr tschlenkr

    Powerful picture. 😢

  • 9w ago vampy2 vampy2

    Fcken sad they would taunt kids 😡😪😞💔

  • 9w ago shutterbugmpls shutterbugmpls


  • 9w ago kristen0911 kristen0911

    What brave girls to stand and bear witness to such cruelty 🙁🙁🙁

  • 9w ago claudelynn_caringvegan claudelynn_caringvegan


  • 9w ago onaonewaymule onaonewaymule

    That young girl on the far left... her expression is the one worn by the souls of all true animal activists. My heart goes out to all of you. Don't let despair win.

  • 9w ago veganmakeupshare veganmakeupshare


  • 9w ago ktmcke ktmcke


  • 9w ago erindelgrosso erindelgrosso


  • 9w ago pthrive pthrive


  • 9w ago anami.nguyen anami.nguyen

    These sad sad faces... they're too young to know the cruelties of the world... I wish they could stay careless for a bit longer :(

  • 9w ago fairy_godmom fairy_godmom

    Sweet kids... Bless their big hearts!

  • 9w ago etherealgirl7 etherealgirl7

    So brave. Thank you for your sensitivity!

  • 9w ago kcz2botb kcz2botb

    How is this legal .. 😰

  • 9w ago finnyfnq finnyfnq

    Do they just kill them and leave them? Do they not eat them?

  • 9w ago dlaboss dlaboss


  • 9w ago jschinzing jschinzing

    Brace souls. Great to see such young activists taking a stand 🙏🏻

  • 9w ago ashleyjane429 ashleyjane429

    Glad to see so many young people dedicated to peace and justice. Such a helpless feeling being an activist sometimes, but they really are making a difference. This photo will live on. And so will their presence in the minds of people who saw them there that morning.

  • 9w ago nostalgic_nat nostalgic_nat


  • 9w ago realtalkisforthestrong realtalkisforthestrong

    @boochaces @mileycyrus @goatsofanarchy @hispees

  • 9w ago monicitalezama monicitalezama

    Some hunters told me yesterday: birds and other wild animals spread disease; hunting is a conservation effort; hunting is our way of living 😞

  • 9w ago swamp_to_bush swamp_to_bush

    Yes Dead right it's so fun

  • 9w ago swamp_to_bush swamp_to_bush

    It is our sport and what we do and you can't take it away from us

  • 9w ago kat.t68 kat.t68

    The trauma on those beautiful little faces says it all :-(

  • 9w ago evelinecarels evelinecarels

    A lot of people spread diseases too...

  • 9w ago evelinecarels evelinecarels

    and don't only mean the ones you can have a vaccination for! To name a few: materialism, hatred, careless, disconnection, fear, addictions... Animals don't have this kind of diseases, We can learn from them keeping us on the right path and the 'right' path, is the path that helps us all, the solution that serves all! We just need to look a bit further before taking action

  • 9w ago murielfpacani murielfpacani

    Beautiful people. So brave

  • 9w ago evelinecarels evelinecarels

    @goff223 'it's fun' doesnt make it okay to do so

  • 9w ago swamp_to_bush swamp_to_bush

    Yes it does you should try it it's fun and it's some food for ass

  • 9w ago swamp_to_bush swamp_to_bush

    Just cos you Dick heads are so weak you don't have to Reckitt for everyone else

  • 9w ago passarinhocachacaorganica passarinhocachacaorganica


  • 9w ago kathytango kathytango


  • 2w ago lllalu lllalu

    @pauliinatessa ihania nuoria aktivisteja!!

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