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#NoFilter and no blush it's all my #butterflyrash as my #lupusflare has been in full effect and was not feeling good all day but made it to work and back🙏 WHAT IS A #LUPUSFLARE? Flares can be classified as mild, moderate, or severe. For example: A mild flare could perhaps be signaled by a lupus rash, moderate flares could include the rash, fatigue, and joint or muscle pain, and severe flares could potentially cause damage to the organs including fluid buildup around the heart or even kidney disease or failure (called lupus nephritis), which would require immediate medical attention. #lupus #lupusawareness #lupusproblems #mylupielife #resttimeforme


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    I am quite familiar with this "look" as my flares tend to be quite obvious. Just wanted to tell you that in spite of your flare, all I see is beauty. Rest now, my Lupie Sister. ♡

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    @bonusmom7 you're one amazing #lupiesis that's for sure! You always make me smile when I'm not doing so well...I've been in bed for over 35 hours as my body gave up! But thank you so much hope you're having a pain free day💜🦋

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    I know that feeling. Just remember that you're not alone. Thank you for always being a source of Light and Love. You don't have to be perfect, you are loved just for being you. Better days are coming. ♡

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    @bonusmom7 thank u💜🦋

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