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Ok.. it's a good thing that when you have all herbs, books, tinctures, stones, preparations, everything where you think they fit best in their new space for just a couple of weeks and then your love asks if you' mind to clear the space as he is ready to place the doors.. ' lots of dust hon' . To be fair he had warned me. (..)
But. A good thing. Really. πŸ˜‰ I can check it all again, bottle some tinctures, clean things, smell potencies, fill jars and make yet another to-do list and just wonder, It is just about over a year I started studying herbal medicine and still not sure where exactly I m heading with this personally I just love it so, but in this short time already shelves are heavy with herbs and medicine. So weird for someone who wants to own less
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  • 83w ago hubbardpj hubbardpj

    What a wealth of health and plant healing! πŸ’•πŸŒ±

  • 83w ago 100andtwo 100andtwo

    πŸ˜„ glad you say something so lovely about me making a mess Penney. But yes, heartburstingly grateful for the healing qualities of herbal medicine.

  • 83w ago 100andtwo 100andtwo

    @hubbardpj πŸ˜‚ above ⬆️

  • 83w ago hubbardpj hubbardpj

    It's a matter of perspective, yes? I'm trying to teach myself that, not sure where I'm going either with the herbs, both home dried and store bought, getting tucked in here and there, in a house I'm been trying to "clean out" for several years! Hoping plant love and 'hoarding' alone is healing! 🌱😏🀣

  • 83w ago hubbardpj hubbardpj

    Oh yes, and the 'experiments', the jars of herby oils and my so far one tincture jar of osnea in honey vodka. You look far more advanced & organized, though temporarily disorganized!

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  • 82w ago 100andtwo 100andtwo

    πŸ˜„plant love and hoarding them should! One of the advantages of a small home is how well organising makes you and the space feel. And the more plants and medicine can fit :)) @hubbardpj

  • 82w ago 100andtwo 100andtwo

    @thehealthyheartnl hoi, dankjewel.

  • 81w ago earthkissessky earthkissessky

    Pretty sweet!

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