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Photo by Ashley Crowther @ashleycrowtherorg for @everydayclimatechange: Building new homes in an uncertain future. The village of Kumik in the Zanskar Himalayan range in India’s north-west has watched their glacier disappear over recent decades from warming temperatures.
The ice once upon a time ran right down to the village. These days, as pictured in the background, it has fully retreated and melt water from the ice no longer flows to Kumik.
This massive loss of regular water has contributed or arguably is the cause of so many of the village’s problems. From lowering yields, crop failures, lack of fodder for livestock and increasing political divisions within the village. Water binds all these together.
As the globe warms water issues, here and elsewhere in the world, will be one of the most paramount issues that humanity faces and must address and adapt to. A drier planet will most certainly shift the way we have developed our species over thousands of years.

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