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Knowledge is not enough to create deep transformation. This why I've cut back significantly on creating more "content" and have been focused on creating energetic experiences through @groundingcamp Grounding Camp. If you want to stuff your head with more knowledge to boost your ego DO NOT register for our next Grounding Camp in NY in June. If you're ready to dive deep into the shadowy places which harbor untold mysteries and gems within, then consider joining us. #groundingcamp #elliotthulse #oshoactivemeditations #oshodynamicmeditation #bioenergetics #becomethestrongestversionofyourself #alexanderlowen #brainslavenomore


  • 114w ago barra260z barra260z

    Great work Elliot 💪👍

  • 114w ago ccritz_uk ccritz_uk

    @rbz._ thanks a lot 💯

  • 114w ago phantom_ninja phantom_ninja

    I'm about to have my bicep tendon repaired tomorrow. I got my probiotics, fish oil, and vitamin C on deck.

  • 114w ago rizeandwalkdonttalk rizeandwalkdonttalk

    @elliotthulse you project your thoughts thoroughly yet concisely. Teaching society strength in not just a physically but within and it exists by controlling the mind staying humble yet astute.

  • 114w ago qashus qashus


  • 114w ago salberto_olvera salberto_olvera

    Have you thought about doing a Grounding Camp in Texas? @elliotthulse

  • 114w ago evolve.together evolve.together

    Nice quote brother

  • 114w ago luiscoronelc luiscoronelc

    Elliot have you heard about the book "The power of now" if not i highly recommend. It gives you deep aspects yet very superficials

  • 114w ago columdevlin columdevlin

    @elliotthulse what date in June?

  • 114w ago lavonbro lavonbro

    This is actually pretty hard for me @ms_marryjean

  • 114w ago carlgn carlgn

    @elliotthulse I've been following your work since the beginning of your youtube days. Honestly, one of the most realest and inspiring guys I've come across online. Happy to see how much you've grown your business throughout these years!

  • 114w ago elliotthulse elliotthulse

    @luiscoronelc yes, too "heady" for me. Tolle lives in the mind, almost detached from his body and emotions it seems. Life is lived in the body, we need both.

  • 114w ago neohippiekyle neohippiekyle

    This was a helpful quote for me to read today. Just quit a job I hate, talk about surrendering to life. I'm scared to death right now. Leap of faith I guess. Thanx elliot, you seem to say the right things at the right time.

  • 114w ago sabintraining sabintraining

    @elliotthulse I messaged you a while back, I have a gift for you. Please reply

  • 114w ago radenalfindwi radenalfindwi

    Awesome share elliot, i want to be your ment-tee ❤️❤️ @elliotthulse

  • 114w ago saint_6xx saint_6xx

    I'm reading the 48 laws and this right here is deep. Thank you for letting me see this. I don't know what else to say but thanks I think you deserve it.

  • 114w ago capitan_red_ capitan_red_

    Thanks for the shares man. You are a mentor to many

  • 114w ago luiscoronelc luiscoronelc

    I don't see it that way though i see it as he talks about detachment from negative emotions which the mind identifies with. He implies that out body is like a machine that we can control and live in harmony with🤔 i see it as sould mind and body synergistically

  • 114w ago daniel_langey daniel_langey

    Elliott your comment on Tolle has allowed me to have an epiphane I would have never realized. I read a lot of "heady" self help books, but I know I need to visit my body way more and stop thinking so much, good or bad. Now I am conscious of this. Thank you!

  • 114w ago _7sn169 _7sn169

    @elliotthulse , this is half true, well real knowledge as I believe, that's worth knowing, are the ones that can go there deep in our bodies and subconscious... the ones that we still own when we don't know.. the difference between us and animals is that we can have expectations, the understanding of the future and thus our energies are not just created for the now even thought they are in the now. There are many energies but many times when we make certain energies flow, by doing that we block others, we ignore others, because we have lack of understanding them or using them in the right way. One example: sometimes we build sexuality but then burden love. Many people use the mind to block or abandon, attach or choose. But rather we should just use it to allow and consequence so that nothing is distribed or rejected.

  • 114w ago logan_cobbler logan_cobbler

    I get endorphins released just reading this stuff :)

  • 114w ago saeedmobayed saeedmobayed

    My brother Elliott I have a question for you. Do you think you would be where you are now without all the reading you did in the past? My perspective is that knowledge is necessary in our modern society for one major reason: To unlearn what we have learned. After unlearning, knowledge becomes not so necessary. What do you think?

  • 114w ago _7sn169 _7sn169

    @elliotthulse plse reply because I want to know what do you think about what I said? Cuz I might be wrong.

  • 114w ago mgarrettblack mgarrettblack

    @hakuna_maha_ta this guy is a Baha'i

  • 114w ago gene.lay gene.lay

    There comes a point when you realize that what you're doing (certain things) is only stimulating your ego, which at first is very fun and rewarding. Then for some ppl including myself comes to a point where you realize how shallow it starts to feel, then you let go of what it was that you were doing, then your true nature begins to surface. A deep form of internal freedom happens.

  • 114w ago gene.lay gene.lay

    Or something kinda like that😄💡

  • 114w ago hakuna_maha_ta hakuna_maha_ta

    @mgarrettblack oh ya he is!!

  • 114w ago jordannaesah jordannaesah

    Balance @elliotthulse ?

  • 114w ago praktikos praktikos

    Powerful little shift...

  • 114w ago mosovono mosovono

    Osho's teachings were westernized... Jiddu Krishnamurti and Lao Tzu are untouched gems, maybe translated but not manipulated to fit this "practical" mold to be packaged and sold as just another self-development tool.

  • 114w ago yogavintribe yogavintribe


  • 114w ago themixican themixican

    Elliott. Do you believe in any sort of out of body experiences? As in a spirit. Even if a spirit is reincarnated can it experience anything in between?

  • 114w ago _raj.c _raj.c

    @elliotthulse essentially Vipassana

  • 114w ago 47mnk 47mnk

    Just let it happen @zieglinde

  • 114w ago mrfurbzz mrfurbzz

    hell yeah 👊

  • 114w ago soulmovafitness soulmovafitness

    This! Signed up and coming brother!! Stoked and ready!!!

  • 114w ago ceej0 ceej0

    Ego is part of being human. Why is it a bad thing

  • 114w ago claudsines claudsines


  • 113w ago tdeezi tdeezi

    U have a bot liking photos or was that you?

  • 112w ago wildjay_says wildjay_says

    @pist0petee or just read and study the real shit? Buddhist teachings....

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