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#mandelaeffect No #photoshop but apparently this photo is evidence from a #paralleluniverse #alternate #dimension because #jcpenny has never existed in this #timeline it is #jcpenney which is #ridiculous search for yourself..... this is not false #memory #indigochild #indigo #awaken #aware #wtf


  • 96w ago flipschultz flipschultz

    That's really crazy. Just did google search and everyone is spelling it PENNEY. I remember PENNY distinctly and now this picture. F**king crazy!

  • 96w ago staceycurletto staceycurletto

    @flipschultz one of soooo many oddities like it. Damn #mandelaeffect. Trips me out no matter how many times I look into it.

  • 96w ago blackoutsbox blackoutsbox

    @flipschultz this was from a video which for whatever reason did not change.... yet call jcpenny or look up old jcpenny & it will show & they will tell you it has been JC PENNEY (my brain hurts just looking at that) for ALL TIME

  • 96w ago staceycurletto staceycurletto

    @blackoutsbox I missed the broadcast last night. I'll watch the replay tonight, but did you cover any new ones? I come across them all the time now...

  • 96w ago blackoutsbox blackoutsbox

    @staceycurletto periscope hasn't been working for me and I've been going back & forth with support but yeah I did a big list of 100 & it was interesting which got the biggest reaction like STAPLES with the weird L now that was never there.

  • 94w ago rachelellis1201 rachelellis1201

    Nice to meet you!

  • 20w ago nerdinventions_ nerdinventions_

    You should check out Zenus VR! It's a VR video game in outer space !!!

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