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Throwback Thursday:

Pic on the left: 115 lbs the night b4 my first wrestling match in HIGHSCHOOL, at 15 years old.

Pic on the right: 195ish on stage at my first Fitness competition at 23 years old.

I had NO idea about building muscle back then, other than what I saw in Magazines and learned from my Dad. And I had NO CLUE about DIET. lol. Lots of guess and check to add 80 lbs in 8 years, but the key was just to get STARTED! I could of went a lot FASTER if I had the knowledge I do NOW, but Id still be that skinny 115lb kid if I never took the First Step and STARTED! If your not sure where to start, start ANYWAYS! You never know where you'll wind up in a few years! Have an AWESOME and POSITIVE day!!! #TBT #AlteredPhysiqueFitness #Clovefit #Bodybuilding #JustStart #Workout #Diet #Fitness #Wbff #WbffPro #MuscleModel

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