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In case you missed our last post. We are reaching out to Bass players and asking for their input and help with the design of our very first bass model. We will be using one of our current models for the body shape. Tell us which one you think we should use. From scale length to color options we want to hear your thoughts. Please share with your 4 string friends. #puresalem #puresalemguitars #puresalembass #bass #bassguitar #bassist #bassislife #bassplayer #levitation #tonemob #geartalk #gearnerds #gearphoria #tonereport #tonefreak #guitarlife


  • 90w ago nelson_1133 nelson_1133


  • 90w ago notapretzel notapretzel

    I'd love to see a Gordo or Bette short-scale bass!

  • 90w ago carbonatedangst carbonatedangst

    A triple single coil 34" scale Classic Creep would be rad. Mahogany body, Maple neck with maple fretboard or walnut or something. Kahler trem on it would be cool as well

  • 90w ago jpontious jpontious

    I'm definitely thinking a woodsoul, precision style middle pickup and either a jazz or humbucker style Bridge pickup. Passive electronics. Maple fretboard.

  • 90w ago arranday arranday


  • 90w ago puedaydo puedaydo

    @puresalemguitars The Cardinal would be badass with J's, or something humbuckery... Maybe something from @knarleybass ?

  • 90w ago private_ryan9431 private_ryan9431

    That's would be sick

  • 90w ago fredsablan fredsablan

    Cardinal bass please!

  • 90w ago nigeltevet nigeltevet

    Wilshire model ;)

  • 90w ago olliemcnaughty olliemcnaughty

    Rd bass with p pick up?

  • 90w ago holifieldsband holifieldsband

    Reverberation with PJ pickup configuration

  • 90w ago holifieldsband holifieldsband

    Or woodsoul pj

  • 90w ago woolcomb woolcomb

    What ever you do please please use Lindy Fralin pick ups

  • 90w ago youngloversfuckingnextdoor youngloversfuckingnextdoor


  • 90w ago youngloversfuckingnextdoor youngloversfuckingnextdoor

    I think that an Elevation bass would be rad! Either solid body to combat neck dive or hollow without F holes. A Cardinale bass would rule too. I don't see many basses with three pickups, so maybe you could do that? Three humbuckers in either of the aforementioned body shapes would look great.

  • 90w ago outlandishdrip6 outlandishdrip6

    I think a tomcat bass would be very cool

  • 90w ago lvmullin lvmullin

    Thunderbird or TomKat with Humbuckers

  • 90w ago _matt_bass_ _matt_bass_

    +1 on the elevation bass but I think a reverberation body, 34 inch scale length, leo quan badass style high mass bridge, clover or fender style tuners, PJ PJ PJ please!! And a volume for each pickup and master tone

  • 90w ago _matt_bass_ _matt_bass_

    Also jazz style neck

  • 89w ago kevinlederer kevinlederer

    Non of the current guitar models really scream bass to me. You guys have some really cool designs, and I think it would be worth it to do a new design for bass.

  • 89w ago bobbysmale bobbysmale

    I really like your Valiente body design. Love to see it with 4 fat bass strings on it!

  • 89w ago _hisbel _hisbel

    El jimmy PJ short scale in sea foam blue

  • 89w ago dick_scab dick_scab

    @flyinmolasses OH SHIT

  • 89w ago tehyadeardorff tehyadeardorff

    PJ pickups, full scale, sonic blue 😊

  • 89w ago thelocalguitarnerd thelocalguitarnerd

    Reverberation body, 34 inch scale, clover Tuners 👌volume and tone , P bass pickup, ☺️seafoam Green with matching headstock and tortoise guard please 😍☺️🎶🎶

  • 89w ago magic.cobra magic.cobra

    Short scale tom cat could be kool. With darkstar or lipstick pickups, something weird. Ship it with flats! Enough PJ basses out there...

  • 89w ago hacob.jazlett hacob.jazlett

    I bought my first PureSalem guitar... then had to fill in for bass. A year and a half later I'm still playing bass and wish I could play my sadfester more! I'd love a Wood Soul bass. Jazz Bass pickups or PJ pickups.

  • 89w ago hacob.jazlett hacob.jazlett

    Cream color or bright red would be sweet

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