Instagram post by @gaileguevara Gaile Guevara

| BIRTHDAYS | celebrate you. it used to be I would close my eyes and listen to your voice as you read Daniele and I bedtime stories followed with our room being filled with the sound of your laughs and beautiful smiles. You created a home that was filled with love and felt safe because of all the the heart you gave us. This is the first year we are not together for your special day as you rest recovering from the flu. Thinking about you as we celebrate you each and every day. You remind me everyday to not lose hope and to continue to persevere ... I miss this smile in this moment with you. Now my auto reminder is set so that even when we don't always get to be by your side you are always with us. Celebrating the mother who brings a smile into our lives in every way. I promise to always celebrate you even when you forget. #loveumom #endalz #curealz


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