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Test pieces, disasters (learning curves) and some good ideas. #testpieces #woodturning #annawoodturner


  • 81w ago woodbug1 woodbug1

    Can you not turn what you call disasters into opportunities, it's worth a try!!

  • 81w ago annawoodturner annawoodturner

    @woodbug1 Absolutely, I often do! Sometimes though, like when a bowl explodes from the wall being too thin, it's just time for the opportunity to have a cup of tea!

  • 81w ago woodbug1 woodbug1

    Your right sometimes there nothing you can do no matter how imaginative your are 👍👍👍

  • 81w ago woodworking_art woodworking_art


  • 21w ago bctonkin bctonkin

    Your disasters look like my triumphs!

  • 21w ago annawoodturner annawoodturner

    @bctonkin Everything in here has one problem or another, believe me! I’ve just managed to save a bowl out of this box though that had a large tear-out in the bottom after a very scary catch! I’ve got better at handling end-grain! Quite satisfying. :)


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