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remember that one post about a potential tattoo? yeah, well...i went in an entirely different route. 🙈 decided to make it even more meaningful. "paraclitus gratia fortitudo" protector, grace, strength: the meanings of my babies names in latin. when i was working on simplifying their name's meanings into one word, i was overcome with emotion. these are not just what their names mean, these are literally WHO THEY ARE. william is an incredible protector; always looking out for the ones he loves. anna is full of grace; always gracious to those she meets and interacts with. and leo; the dude IS the epitome of strength in its simplest-five-year-old-form. and what's really crazy; i couldn't think of three words that could possibly better describe the type of mother i hope to be for them. so yeah, this is WAY better than just the three mountain peaks. 💕#sweetwilliamjames #curlyannagrace #squishyleobear


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