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Happy to march with more than 125k women (& friends of women) in Boston today. We can whimper, we can whine, or we can fight back. #womensmarch #boswomensmarch


  • 62w ago taylor.grace.1 taylor.grace.1

    Please run for president. America needs you.

  • 62w ago soulartcollection soulartcollection

    Bravo, @elizabethwarrenma!

  • 62w ago lisadiguglielmo lisadiguglielmo

    Haha winning winning and more winning are you triggered yet @elizabethwarrenma

  • 62w ago nessa_375 nessa_375


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  • 61w ago joshuagarson_tusc19 joshuagarson_tusc19

    Ew. You and the other 3rd way fe minist slobs. You lost! Get out of the way of the new president ounce and for all, pochahontas!. Im a Jewish boy too, so I guess you dont control every minority group in America, you anti Israel pig.

  • 60w ago caro_biscuit caro_biscuit

    God bless Elizabeth Warren. She is a champion.

  • 60w ago caro_biscuit caro_biscuit

    @jmragu kinda wish i could've been, but i was in DC! Maybe one day I'll get rich and be able to jet around between protests in different cities! 😹

  • 59w ago rose_cottage_uk rose_cottage_uk

    You don't support all women and we don't support you your ugliness towards rules and regulations and laws of this country that you yourself break your you work for us the people

  • 59w ago seabasscanales seabasscanales

    She persisted

  • 57w ago will_24601 will_24601

    Love the Hamilton reference in the back

  • 56w ago reece_ch_7 reece_ch_7

    Or u can listen to a democracy

  • 54w ago nanabrewer nanabrewer

    What are you fighting for ? Your nuts

  • 53w ago gratefully_blessed_mama gratefully_blessed_mama

    Did you also attend the March for Life?

  • 52w ago madisonznc madisonznc

    Then why did you choose to whine and whimper? 😂

  • 52w ago namadarasz namadarasz

    Ok and you can support a peaceful transition

  • 52w ago coltonwehr coltonwehr

    Go trump baby

  • 49w ago alex_caldwell18 alex_caldwell18

    @elizabethwarrenma If you support women so much, why did you pay your female staffers 71% of what men make? You're a hypocrite.

  • 49w ago flyingflh flyingflh

    Fight back against phony people like you

  • 49w ago deezdonutz deezdonutz

    Marching? Is insane how many ppl were fooled by this blatant propaganda campaign. Proven funded by rich puppet masters . Stupid ppl in large numbers will destroy themselves.

  • 48w ago ashaleee2 ashaleee2

    You're* please learn proper grammar if you're (see that) going to try and criticize

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