Elizabeth Warren

4w ago Boston Common

Happy to march with more than 125k women (& friends of women) in Boston today. We can whimper, we can whine, or we can fight back. #womensmarch #boswomensmarch

  • 1w ago 10overthenose 10overthenose

    So full of hate, all you do is disrupt and hate on all working class AMERICANS. Your comments, I mean shouting is nothing but bullying of the hard working voting class. Massachusetts wake up and vote Warren out of office.

  • 1w ago destinee_renee_ destinee_renee_

    I'm with you! 💪🏽

  • 1w ago jmuty86 jmuty86

    @verity_meme You are obsessed with Trump! His nightmare is to be like you! He probably won't let you stay in one of his hotels! You're delusional if you think he cares about people like you! Trump loves the #poorlyeducated

  • 1w ago taylor.grace.1 taylor.grace.1

    Please run for president. America needs you.

  • 1w ago soulartcollection soulartcollection

    Bravo, @elizabethwarrenma!

  • 1w ago lisadiguglielmo lisadiguglielmo

    Haha winning winning and more winning are you triggered yet @elizabethwarrenma

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  • 1w ago libertarian_usa libertarian_usa

    And you choose to whine.

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  • 6d ago joshuagarson_tusc19 joshuagarson_tusc19

    Ew. You and the other 3rd way fe minist slobs. You lost! Get out of the way of the new president ounce and for all, pochahontas!. Im a Jewish boy too, so I guess you dont control every minority group in America, you anti Israel pig.