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  • 83w ago el_icit el_icit

    girl that's yellow 💛

  • 82w ago oztekinmakeup oztekinmakeup

    @el_icit it's lime green! 😂I know it looks yellow on camera but heeeey ho

  • 80w ago beautyuk beautyuk

    Love this colour 💚

  • 80w ago oztekinmakeup oztekinmakeup

    @beautyuk it's lovely isn't it! Thank you :D 💚

  • 73w ago oztekinmakeup oztekinmakeup

    @elikaostrov thank you so much !!! 😊

  • 17w ago nyxcosmetics nyxcosmetics

    Great picture! We'd like to use this on our website and other marketing materials or ads, but before we do, we'd like your permission. If this sounds good, can you reply with the hashtag #YouCanShare ? This will give us your consent to store personal data connected to this picture and use and share your image. You can read more about it in our Terms of Service:

  • 17w ago oztekinmakeup oztekinmakeup

    @nyxcosmetics #youcanshare thank you!!!

  • 15w ago nyxcosmetics_es nyxcosmetics_es

    Great pic! We'd like to use it in our marketing materials and would like your permission. If that's ok, can you reply with #YouCanShare ? This will give us your consent to use and store personal data connected to it. Read more in our Terms of Use, linking to our Privacy Policy

  • 15w ago oztekinmakeup oztekinmakeup

    @nyxcosmetics_es #youcanshare !


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