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  • 28w ago raulgz raulgz

    Miss u ❤️

  • 28w ago nicolasmella_ nicolasmella_

    Happy birthday!!! Hope you r having a great day! ⭐️

  • 28w ago luanaignacio luanaignacio

    happy birthday!!! miss you a lot

  • 28w ago bellemoni bellemoni

    Happy birthday!!!! Come back please

  • 28w ago hejdarka hejdarka

    Happy Birthday Sweetheart ❤️ we miss you and your mind and your creativity and your face WE ALL JUST MISS YOU SO MUCH you were and still are my biggest inspiration 🙌🏻 wishing you all the best ❤️ have a good birthday ✨

  • 28w ago evajbryant evajbryant

    Happy birthday Anna, miss you x

  • 28w ago covenevoc covenevoc

    Happy birthday, Anna 💕

  • 28w ago likeawaveinthesea likeawaveinthesea

    Your pics were something beautiful and different Anna, I really miss you 💖

  • 28w ago niallover448 niallover448

    Happy birthday

  • 28w ago elstbh elstbh

    happy belated birthday! I hope you come back, i miss you sm 💖

  • 28w ago szwczvk szwczvk

    Happy Birthday Anna !!! 😘

  • 28w ago highhsoul highhsoul

    @fafe06 in your house

  • 28w ago soulbery soulbery

    Happy birthday again Annaaa

  • 27w ago


  • 27w ago iambarneyhoes iambarneyhoes

    Please come back:(;((

  • 27w ago stuti.frutti stuti.frutti

    Yo bitch come back pls I miss u

  • 26w ago jamithebird jamithebird

    Guess she's only gonna use her private account now ):

  • 26w ago soulbery soulbery

    @jamithebird yeah 😭

  • 26w ago ethanpflumm ethanpflumm

    @jamithebird what’s her private acc? I miss her posting so much :(

  • 26w ago laurenx96 laurenx96

    I hope you’re okay Anna. Sending much love your way. 💜

  • 24w ago duspook duspook

    spoiler alert: shes not dead

  • 24w ago gracenday gracenday

    Come back

  • 24w ago elfjed elfjed


  • 24w ago devicaresta devicaresta

    i miss you so much :(

  • 24w ago flevrs flevrs


  • 23w ago soulbery soulbery

    Miss you! ❤️

  • 23w ago omgsama omgsama

    Missing you tons anna , i hope you’re having an amazing life 💜

  • 23w ago soundsgayco soundsgayco

    love ♡

  • 23w ago yenningg_ yenningg_

    u were my inspiration,,, miss uuu anna

  • 23w ago daneiri_ daneiri_

    Hey Darling ♡♡ come back plss .. i miss U so much ♡♡♡

  • 23w ago aakankshamalvs aakankshamalvs

    You promised to be back this year. This is so unfair Anna. I have literally waited for too long to feel your presence ever since you posted on New Year's this year. I really miss you & you are just breaking your fan's hearts now. We don't want you to post anything fancy. Just whatever you are doing these days. Atleast tell us that you are doing okay. Please come back.

  • 22w ago viintageiscool viintageiscool

    @hannamathiilda omg 😭😭

  • 21w ago ljlaurora ljlaurora

    I Miss U❤️💙ComeBack

  • 21w ago raulgz raulgz

    Miss u queen 🌹

  • 21w ago 6demonika6 6demonika6

    it all looks like youre dead

  • 21w ago selintasdemirr selintasdemirr

    We all miss you

  • 20w ago disclsure disclsure

    COME BACK!!! MISS U ❤️❤️❤️

  • 20w ago onekalu onekalu

    your pics were my everything, they really inspired me to keep going for some reason. just wanted to ley you know that i really miss you and I trully hope your doing ok

  • 6w ago emir.budur emir.budur



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