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#skylagirl #lovethisdoggy #smartestdog this dog can read minds #graciesbf never have I ever loved any animal so much, so much I let her ride in my caddy lol #pitbull


  • 83w ago relentless_red relentless_red

    Kay .. Gracie is such a beautiful little girl, mother daughter love ❤️ #bond#love#daughter

  • 83w ago amandapandalou amandapandalou

    Well u haven't met Chloe yet then she is amazing too lol now ur a dog mom like me! It's the best ever

  • 83w ago oheyitskk oheyitskk

    There are a lot of other great dogs out there, this one has opened my eyes and made me a dog mom:)))))

  • 83w ago oheyitskk oheyitskk

    Awwwww Chloe girl I wanna come see her and you!!! @auntie_x2

  • 83w ago oheyitskk oheyitskk

    I rephrase that, best dog I've ever taken the time to get to know, thank you @auntie_x2 ❤️

  • 83w ago oheyitskk oheyitskk

    Now I know though what y'all are feeling, it's great

  • 83w ago amandapandalou amandapandalou

    @oheyitskk don't rephrase I was just joking around! Chloe is a pain in the butt at times but I love her to death lol pups are amazing creatures and if ur mans puppy is as amazing as u say then ur one lucky lady and so is Gracie to have a special four legged kiddo around! 😘


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