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    What time do you think you'll try and fire it up tomorrow? @im_that_dude_who

  • 61w ago im_that_dude_who im_that_dude_who

    @imaginationtosteel I'm going to try and fire it up within the next hour.

  • 61w ago checkyourwood checkyourwood

    Awww man! I wanted to see it! Are you working on it at all tomorrow? @im_that_dude_who

  • 61w ago im_that_dude_who im_that_dude_who

    @imaginationtosteel later at night. I have to make a trip to Ohio.

  • 61w ago checkyourwood checkyourwood

    Well crap, Alyra has school tomorrow otherwise I would have definitely made the road trip with you. Hit me up when you get back. I'll come over and give you a hand, two if it's necessary hehehe... @im_that_dude_who

  • 61w ago thebmwclub thebmwclub

    Outstandingly radiant shot.

  • 60w ago nickyd_69 nickyd_69

    Why all the wiring ? You didn't use the plug and play adapter style ?

  • 60w ago im_that_dude_who im_that_dude_who

    @nickyd_69 cost of an adapter is 200-400 depending on who you go with. Cost to splice a c101 onto a 24v harness is 10.00 in materials and some time. So that's 190-390.00 that can be used for more important things. Have been doing it this way for 15 years now.

  • 60w ago nickyd_69 nickyd_69

    Got yah got yah iv noticed the price difference is insane, I just happened to go w the adapter as I have so much other stuff to focus on figured to eliminate wiring time after placing the Chasis hardness/fusebox back in after paint

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