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Love getting these messages from our Shelter Project patients, "This high quality medicine from Jetty Extracts makes taking THIS a whole lot more tolerable"-Keryn. #whywedoit #shelterfromthestorm #jettyextracts #allaboutthepatients #fuckcancer


  • 86w ago ugt_tv ugt_tv

    Wish my son could get some out here in #NewYorkCity @jettyextracts

  • 86w ago hholmes__ hholmes__

    woah ive never seen the huge dablicators like those

  • 86w ago fgp_creative fgp_creative

    great program! I have a friend with lupus snd told her she really needs to steer away from pharmaceutical drugs and focus on CBD oil and cannabis extracts✌️

  • 86w ago robbiesmith25 robbiesmith25


  • 86w ago thebadger816 thebadger816

    2:1 for the win. I used the same ratio through chemo and gained. Yes gained 10 lbs.

  • 86w ago r8der619 r8der619

    Those are weird dablicators...or am i weird?

  • 85w ago jettyextracts jettyextracts

    @ugt_tv wish we could help, one day our government will see the light.

  • 85w ago jettyextracts jettyextracts

    @r8der619 these are our 2.0 version, fixed all the problems of the first...we hope:)

  • 84w ago 1_kluv 1_kluv

    @fuming_guerilla_productions i have Lupus & Fibromyalgia & these products are the best for my all day everyday nerve pains.. Thanks to the guy that went to club meds yeaterday for th hookup

  • 53w ago deanngeorge deanngeorge

    Thank you for helping me with cancer I can't wait to get my first package 💖

  • 27w ago survivor0917 survivor0917

    I absolutely love you guys!! Yall helo me so much


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