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Man is a trinity; three forms of consciousness in one. Head, Heart & Balls. Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Neocortex, Cortex, Brain Stem. Neo-mammalian, Mammalian, Reptilian. #alexanderlowen #bioenergetics #highertruth #expandyourmind #dontletschoolinginterferewithyoureducation #independantinvestigation #seeforyourself


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    @elliotthulse what book is this bro I want to read it

  • 116w ago stevendagostino stevendagostino

    @theabazo balls is soul

  • 116w ago _7sn169 _7sn169

    Most people serve the mind but most never know That the mind was there to serve the heart. But the mind is very stubborn, the brain was serving the heart and it got used to a particular way of serving. The heart changed its ways because it knows, and the brain is in frustration , refused to continue serving the heart. The majority will kneel for the mind, and leave the heart dead. The mind continues to lead in the same old path which is no more resourceful. Maintaining expectations but not realities. @elliotthulse but what is the difference between that of heart and guts? Aren't they the same but we tend to associate one with awareness and the other without? I am 17 by the way.

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  • 116w ago ryan_bullen ryan_bullen

    @billi_pl What can "it" aspire to? The soul is everything, therefore to say you know the soul means you do not know.

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  • 116w ago billi_ahmed billi_ahmed

    @ryan_bullen aspire, as in the soul can give us "answers" because, like you said, the soul is everything, i look at it like the soul "knows" everything, or in other words it can see the unseen. This is where our gut feeling comes from, our wildest ideas, our most creative inventions. That's how i see it anyways :)

  • 116w ago roll_dal1215 roll_dal1215

    Elliot got any answers to uneven muscle growth

  • 116w ago cameronwatsky cameronwatsky

    which book is this

  • 116w ago ryan_bullen ryan_bullen

    @billi_pl I definitely agree with you. It is seen and unseen. It contains all things therefore all knowing. It is infinite, no beginning or end. Nothing is ever created because it already exists. It IS.

  • 116w ago elliotthulse elliotthulse

    @_7sn169 the heart speaks the language of intuition, the gut speaks in instincts.

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    Oh no! My balls are missing!

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    @_7sn169 teach me something 🤓

  • 116w ago svanauker svanauker

    Shen, Qi, and Jing! Love Lowen but usually prefer the way the ancients talk about it. It tends to be funnier with a little more mystery!

  • 116w ago jsmithbyd jsmithbyd

    Hey your page is awesome!! 🔥

  • 116w ago doctor_muscle doctor_muscle

    So every time u jerk off u are releasing your soul

  • 116w ago

    I love you elliot

  • 116w ago addebaws addebaws

    @elliotthulse Are you religious?

  • 116w ago elliotthulse elliotthulse

    @addebaws yes

  • 116w ago addebaws addebaws

    Aight, well i enjoy your videos, advice and everything bro! Stay awesome 😄 @elliotthulse

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    Me likes this 👌🏾

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    How you holding up buddy how is the arm

  • 116w ago jshhng jshhng

    Didn't know our soul was contained in our genitals @svuili

  • 116w ago jaysather jaysather

    Are you familiar with the Law of One texts?

  • 116w ago sly_fuck sly_fuck

    Some people relate them to animals, for instance, the owl the wolf and the rat, earth based names for the realization of three levels of spiritual consciousness that we recognize within this world, everlasting enlightenment, everlasting love, everlasting balls.

  • 116w ago sanya_v_krosah sanya_v_krosah

    I am very glad to acquaintance

  • 116w ago sly_fuck sly_fuck

    Understanding and accepting these three elements will be key for a powerful life experience

  • 116w ago evanteague evanteague

    Awesome. Thanks @elliotthulse - what's the book? I remember you referring to Neo-mammalian, mammalian and reptilian like three houses we dwell in in #KING

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  • 116w ago the.reedster the.reedster

    My soul is locked up in prison elliot

  • 116w ago andrewrkiss andrewrkiss

    P s e u d o s c i e n c e

  • 116w ago mikalbritt mikalbritt

    But beyond head, heart, and balls, is there a 4th zone that we (or most people) just aren't in touch with yet, like a spiritual, extra-sensory zone? Maybe some kind of invisible energy zone for like communicating with the dead or talking to animals or seeing people's past/future, etc?

  • 116w ago dallysidhu dallysidhu

    @andrewrkiss +1

  • 116w ago mmu313 mmu313

    So does that mean when you're having sex with random people you lose your soul or even soiling it?

  • 116w ago rob_ace93 rob_ace93

    All the more reason to believe in God in the flesh who is Jesus.

  • 116w ago rob_ace93 rob_ace93

    Nothing else

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    Follow me to a positive page :)

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