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...'tis the season {to be distracted} apologies for sharing perhaps too many books lately! i've been trying to control myself but they've been utterly impossible to resist {there's more}. now this one. Knitting from the North by Hilary Grant. dear heavens. This is one for the forever library 🌟
{and many many thanks from πŸ‘§πŸΌ & 🐺! πŸ’žxxx}
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  • 102w ago claireinstitches claireinstitches

    It's my favourite knitting book of the year @loritimesfive I can't stop looking at it. Do you have a favourite pattern?

  • 102w ago j_juniper_knits j_juniper_knits

    I just bought this too 😻

  • 102w ago loritimesfive loritimesfive

    @claireinstitches i keep changing my mind claire, it's unputdownable, so brilliant! do you have a favorite?

  • 102w ago handfiredbeads handfiredbeads

    Just ordered it, a little Christmas present to me!

  • 102w ago smallmurmurations smallmurmurations

    I bought this recently - am forcing myself to finish all my half finished festive knit gifts before I start anything...Can't wait, every pattern is beautiful!πŸ’•

  • 102w ago citymoth citymoth

    Ooooh that looks like a good book! 😍

  • 102w ago florinelarzac florinelarzac

    Thanks a lot for sharing. It looks so beautiful !!

  • 102w ago toltyarnandwool toltyarnandwool

    Our copies just arrived!!! It's so beautiful!

  • 102w ago resurrectionfern resurrectionfern

    I think I'm going to get that one . Beautiful photography too.

  • 102w ago claireinstitches claireinstitches

    I'm struggling to decide between the wave circle scarf and dot dash cowl as my first project @loritimesfive I'm saving them for 'me time' over the Christmas period 😍

  • 102w ago fromcinthia fromcinthia

    Just received it today ! And i love it !

  • 102w ago juliahodgsontextiles juliahodgsontextiles

    Isn't it brilliant!! I'm having real indecision problems choosing what to knit first 😍✨

  • 102w ago hayleilei hayleilei

    can't wait to get my mittens on this!!

  • 102w ago larathor larathor

    This book is currently in my amazon basket πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • 102w ago kaygardiner kaygardiner

    Really love her clean graphic patterns.

  • 102w ago inglynch inglynch

    I have this book as well! It's so good. I always appreciate what you're reading and knitting. πŸ˜‰

  • 102w ago onecraftymumma onecraftymumma

    I bought this recently too and it's utterly gorgeous! I feel like I want to knit everything from inside. ✨✨

  • 102w ago elsiedear elsiedear

    Love this @cornel_strydom @anisaduplessis

  • 102w ago marjas57 marjas57

    It will be in my postbox tomorrow 😜 *dances through the room*πŸ’ƒπŸ»

  • 102w ago izznit izznit

    Got my copy too!

  • 102w ago gabyknits gabyknits


  • 102w ago esthercarrera esthercarrera

    Oooh! I just got my copy. I can hardly wait to knit the Icelandic Pom hat. I told myself I have to finish my Christmas knitting first. It's so hard not to cast on. So much good knitting so little time! 😬😊

  • 102w ago maja_franklin maja_franklin

    Let's order this book @annasverro

  • 102w ago littlehurray littlehurray

    Oh! Looks like a beauty! Will have to add to my ever-blossoming booklist.

  • 102w ago dawnmregan dawnmregan

    Oh I need a copy of this! Time to get myself an early Christmas gift. ☺️

  • 102w ago

    I want this book badly. The designs I've seen pictured around the web are so unique and just gorgeous!

  • 102w ago byannieclaire byannieclaire

    Yes yes and yes!

  • 102w ago tacistudio tacistudio

    It looks fantastic 😍😍😍

  • 102w ago blueberryfields_ blueberryfields_

    It would be too dangerous for me to buy it now!πŸ˜³πŸ˜€ so i am very content to drool on your photos Lori❀️

  • 102w ago skiddle skiddle

    Gorgeous book and lovely stylish projects. I started the Icelandic hat right away with the recommended Spindrift in natural white and cosmos. Halfway through, I'm out of the blue. πŸ€” My gauge is right on point. Has anyone done the Beacon Pom Hat? It calls for only one ball of yarn, which would really surprise me.

  • 96w ago _waysoflife_ _waysoflife_

    It's such a beautiful book😍

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