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My grandson is six. He’s a sweet, skinny little boy with big brown eyes and a lisp. Yesterday, as I pulled out the bowls to start working on a cake, he asked in a low voice if we would still have Thanksgiving since Trump was elected. I said yes, we would.

I know that this election has been tough, and that many people are deeply uneasy about what 2017 could bring. I’m one of them. But today, I remind myself that I’m thankful – deeply thankful – to have you by my side, to keep fighting for a country and a world where all of us and all our children and grandchildren have a fighting chance to succeed.

Your stories, your hopes and wishes are with me today and every day. Thanks for being a part of this, and I hope you and your loved ones have a very happy Thanksgiving!


  • 62w ago keelykov keelykov

    @bethinthegarage I KNEW SHE BAKED

  • 62w ago retagarbosfnm retagarbosfnm

    Just LOVE you, Elizabeth. Never EVER allow them/anyone to keep you quiet. I am outraged at McConnell. Thanks for ALL you do and ALL you speak on behalf of. never quit being you!!!

  • 62w ago mrs.ekopp mrs.ekopp


  • 61w ago em.and.em__ em.and.em__


  • 61w ago jabtrc jabtrc

    And thank you to YOU!

  • 61w ago alexandremilia alexandremilia

    This is so sad! @mmekc the only reason he'd think that is if she scared him into thinking that! :/

  • 61w ago chelsearoth chelsearoth

    You're awesome ❤️

  • 61w ago mmekc mmekc

    Disturbing @emiliakatalex.

  • 61w ago its_krystalclear its_krystalclear


  • 60w ago benjamintaylorva benjamintaylorva

    What have you been telling your grandson that he thinks Thanksgiving won't happen becuase Trump was elected? Hes seven, don't drag him into your failing politics.@elizabethwarrenma

  • 59w ago station5ent station5ent


  • 58w ago ericzhao16 ericzhao16


  • 58w ago loven_low_psi_ loven_low_psi_

    Sad your grandson brings that up at his young age. fight the drump

  • 58w ago wesleywilbanks wesleywilbanks

    what liberal lies must have poisoned his brain? yours probably.

  • 54w ago nanabrewer nanabrewer

    What a horrible grandmother you are @elizabethwarrenma

  • 52w ago myladyballz myladyballz

    How Darling 💓

  • 52w ago riplvf24 riplvf24


  • 52w ago missyntom missyntom

    Florida LOVES Trump!!

  • 51w ago myriam_oday myriam_oday

    Lady, you are so full of it. Trump not celebrate Thanksgiving? Please!!!! If anything, you wouldn't celebrate it. You love to provoke, make people feel sorry for themselves and you. Lady, please get a life.

  • 51w ago rosco723 rosco723

    This is a lie, stop using kids for your propaganda. Your so crazy!

  • 51w ago frasier1013 frasier1013


  • 49w ago flyingflh flyingflh

    The election is only tough for idiots like you. It's been great for the rest of us.

  • 49w ago jonas_clarke_gsa jonas_clarke_gsa

    @ericzhao16 I know right

  • 49w ago chasewarren16 chasewarren16

    Why in the world would he even ask such a question? 😂 Wow sounds like he's been brainwashed. Elisabeth, you are wrong. There a ton of people in this country that were very happy that Trump one. Get over yourself. You're the one making it worse for Trump.

  • 46w ago ejdrisc ejdrisc

    Why did you have to mention the lisp part

  • 46w ago josh13taylor josh13taylor

    The only correct the thing about this photo is that you are in the kitchen #stayinyolane

  • 40w ago briannadelduca briannadelduca

    You are amazing! Keep fighting on! We are lucky to have someone like you in government

  • 32w ago hmwaej hmwaej

    Right, because Thanksgiving is going to be "cancelled" because Trump is President. 🙄 The drama is high.

  • 30w ago 7dcn 7dcn

    @elizabethwarrenma why would you mention skinny with a lisp? He is just a boy. If trump said his granddaughter was chubby with a lisp you would have lost your mind. Clearly you taught your family to lay down and lick their winds after defeat. The election is well past and you should teach you family to support the outcome to influence change as best you can. By the way, Hillary lost because she rigged the primaries and got caught, AND she was too busy being a phony telling people what they want to hear rather than being herself. That's why you get along so well.

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