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This week I would like to give you an opportunity to test your knowledge in regards to the maintaining factors of intimate relationships. There are six factors, but We are only going to give you four this week. They are;
1: Fun: When was the last time you had fun with your partner. Planned a day out that is different to what you normally do. Such as going to a comedy show and laughing all night? If the answer is "not for a long time" then you are missing fun in your relationship. Get to it and plan a fun date.
2: Affection: How many of you are affectionate towards the person you are intimate with? Just a hug or an affectionate word can help not only maintain, but also build your intimacy base.
3: Spontaneity: We can get into a rut with work, home, kids, friends and family commitments. So when was the last time you just got in the car and went for a leisurely drive together or went an had a coffee at nine o'clock at night, instead of sitting in front of television?
4: Sensuality: Listen up people. Not sexuality but sensuality. Think about what is sensual for your partner and if you are doing those things for them. A foot rub, sensual massage or just stroking their arm. Sensuality is important as we are tactile human beings.
So four of the maintaining factors are fun, affection, spontaneity and sensuality. What are the other two? Send us your thoughts. We would love to know what you think. Have a great week and I'll talk about the other two next week. Get off the couch and be proactive this week in working on your intimacy base. See you next week. #relationship #intimate #love #happy #fun #smile #blog #perth #perthmum #fifolife #perthlife #psychology #mentalhealth #sensuality #spontaneous #affection


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