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It's FINALLY FRIDAY! Treat yourself to some makeup Have a fabuLASH weekend!
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  • 97w ago lena_silver lena_silver

    I sent you a few emails already because my order has never been delivered even though I have been successfully charged! You NEVER RESPONDED? Is this considered to be right? Thank you

  • 97w ago lexiesteveinson lexiesteveinson

    @lena_silver i also placed an order and requested it be cancelled! Ive emailed 3x's no response. And they took my money too!

  • 97w ago mariah.gz mariah.gz

    I have also placed an order and sent 3 emails and no response. Looks like a scam too me!

  • 97w ago jessiepiggy_liang jessiepiggy_liang

    @lena_silver same here!

  • 97w ago jessiepiggy_liang jessiepiggy_liang

    @mariah.gz same here!

  • 97w ago jessiepiggy_liang jessiepiggy_liang

    @lexiesteveinson same here!

  • 97w ago cearaquinn cearaquinn

    Where are my products???

  • 97w ago cearaquinn cearaquinn

    My money is gone!!!!

  • 97w ago cearaquinn cearaquinn

    @lena_silver The exact same has happened to me and numerous others so it seems!!! What can be done about this? It is blatant theft!

  • 97w ago cece.armani cece.armani

    I ordered the pore cleanser 4 weeks ago and paid $30 and still not here!!!!

  • 97w ago cece.armani cece.armani

    @cece.armani @cearaquinn @mariah.gz @jessiepiggy_liang contact your bank guys... same thing happened to me. FILE A FRAUD

  • 97w ago hellogabriellem hellogabriellem

    This people are scammers !!! Dame thing happened to me but I contacted the better business bureau and also a page for FBI scamming they are starting an investigation @thevanityplanet

  • 97w ago hellogabriellem hellogabriellem

    Check my pic about vanity planet I posted in instagram and re post also copy and post in Facebook

  • 97w ago hellogabriellem hellogabriellem

    @mariah.gz check the pic I posted and re post

  • 97w ago tinyteef tinyteef


  • 97w ago casi_negra casi_negra

    Report the account i just did

  • 97w ago hima1121 hima1121

    Guys do not buy from them its an scam report the account

  • 96w ago cynnyc_02 cynnyc_02

    @hellogabriellem I orders from them and I never got the product smh!

  • 96w ago cynnyc_02 cynnyc_02

    @cece.armani me too

  • 96w ago cynnyc_02 cynnyc_02


  • 96w ago cynnyc_02 cynnyc_02

    You guys are SCAMERS!!!

  • 96w ago hellogabriellem hellogabriellem

    @cynnyc_83 i know is terrible !!! That's why I have been posting stuff in Facebook And everywhere else I can . If you go to my instagram page you can see the picture i posted of them . You can re post too

  • 96w ago elizabethvignolo elizabethvignolo

    This people are scammers i found this other page i dont know if is fake or if is the real one

  • 96w ago elizabethvignolo elizabethvignolo

    Everybody have to report them

  • 96w ago hellogabriellem hellogabriellem

    @elizabethvignolo please check my instagram and post the pic of them anywhere you can ! I also put it on Facebook

  • 96w ago sgk96 sgk96

    Sent them 2 emails they literally took $35 from me, never got my product or a reply!!

  • 96w ago bayleealsobailey bayleealsobailey

    the real company is called Vanity Planet. This company copied the name and is scamming the real companies potential customers.

  • 95w ago alvarez_mia_doll alvarez_mia_doll

    They're based in Ottowa somewhere and have a fake Orlanda, FL address. This company is a scam. It's best to dispute with your credit card/bank company. @thevanityplanet I've looked up all your IP addresses and the email you used to set up Shopify and spoke with them about you. I'll get my money back and I hope they freeze the rest of your fraudulent ass money.

  • 95w ago lily_4028 lily_4028

    What the fuck!!! What a scams!!! I send many email to ur customer service all@is failed !!

  • 95w ago lmay_santonato lmay_santonato

    I've been emailing to and no respsonse.. if u type it will bring u to a legitimate website .. I have emailed them and have got a automated response.. hopefully this week will get some answers .. I have also emailed instagram, because they shouldn't be sponsoring scams :s

  • 95w ago blackcarly99 blackcarly99

    This company is a scam! I've been emailing for 3 days with no luck. SCAM! Really wish I hadn't ordered.

  • 95w ago xxitsbrittxx xxitsbrittxx

    Asshole scammers

  • 95w ago martineztata12 martineztata12

    Mother fuckers!!!!!

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