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Thanks, Milwaukee! Solid town.


  • 73w ago idklyndsey idklyndsey

    Come back 💔

  • 73w ago jdhayez jdhayez

    I've been waiting for a shot from the Minneapolis stop for 5 fucking months...

  • 73w ago mrgoudie mrgoudie


  • 73w ago thetrendybeauty thetrendybeauty


  • 72w ago metalintheblood metalintheblood


  • 72w ago cvthlynn cvthlynn

    u burned my crops and plagued my water supply

  • 71w ago uuhhh.marlena uuhhh.marlena

    Do something, please?

  • 71w ago sumofallbeers sumofallbeers

    Are y'all taking the year off? :/

  • 71w ago ratatastian ratatastian

    i am a nightmare/mene is great and all but we need an album

  • 70w ago marsmaar marsmaar

    I miss & love you 💔 come back

  • 70w ago mikeface21 mikeface21

    @amaziingms @_spooky_mar_christmas_ @sumofallbeers @ratatastian "....the band may be implying a planned breakup in the year 2018. Frontman Lacy confirmed of the speculation in between songs during a set in Salt Lake City, Utah in June. He stated 'We’re done. Oh yeah, we’re done, and it makes nights like this all the more special so thanks for being here.' "

  • 70w ago mikeface21 mikeface21

    There's still a whole album worth of "incomplete" songs though, so I'm hoping there will still be some new songs released.

  • 70w ago hazylittlemoon hazylittlemoon

    I just got a tattoo of a lyric from 1 of their songs and come on their page and hear shit about them breaking up.. NOO.

  • 69w ago moonfallband moonfallband

    🌑 🌒 🌓 🌔 🌕

  • 69w ago levi.hagar levi.hagar

    @mikeface21 confirmed by @ fromindianlakes band from a correlated record label, brand new have finished the album..and it was done before july of 2016

  • 69w ago mikeface21 mikeface21

    @levi.hagar I hope you're right. Any idea why there's no release date?

  • 69w ago levi.hagar levi.hagar

    i was fortunate enough to talk with the lead singer of from indian lakes about what's going on. he said they were done..he sounded really sure in himself so i believe him. they're also a very reputable band

  • 69w ago levi.hagar levi.hagar

    they're prolly trying to build hype..which for me is not working 😒

  • 69w ago levi.hagar levi.hagar


  • 69w ago levi.hagar levi.hagar

    i mean i'm not mad about it..but some hints here and there would be nice..or ya know..a picture on instagram 😐

  • 69w ago mikeface21 mikeface21

    @levi.hagar Yea same. Maybe they're editing. I remember they took a long time with that before but I think that was because of the song leaks. Oh well it's still good news to me. Thx.

  • 69w ago levi.hagar levi.hagar

    no problem! @mikeface21

  • 69w ago sphericalgroovemachine sphericalgroovemachine

    Come back

  • 69w ago aidan.atk aidan.atk

    Last post was when trump won lmao, wonder if they're salty

  • 68w ago vr6_ant_ vr6_ant_

    Y'all still alive ?? @brandnewrock

  • 68w ago bossfangs bossfangs

    i hope you are all very happy and fulfilled in your lives. i hold out hope for another uk tour before you depart but if not then know that we all are so appreciative for everything your music has done for us. ❤

  • 67w ago mamaomax mamaomax

    Where are you guys? We miss you 😥❤️

  • 66w ago jordan_norris jordan_norris

    Wake up

  • 66w ago han_nable han_nable

    I just wanted to say since I can't seem to msg you guys anywhere els I started listening to your songs again and I remembered how much your songs actually saved my life! And I wanted to thank you guys for having such an impact for that. So yeah thank you for making brand new<3

  • 66w ago jugearsband jugearsband

    endless love for you ❤

  • 66w ago chloetooleyy chloetooleyy

    Come back I love u

  • 65w ago enrosaaa enrosaaa

    i miss you

  • 64w ago mamaomax mamaomax

    where are you guys 😭

  • 64w ago hexedboudoirbaby hexedboudoirbaby


  • 64w ago captain.mia captain.mia

    miss u

  • 62w ago enrosaaa enrosaaa

    please tour again soon ☹️

  • 55w ago john_john428 john_john428

    @kayesdale we in thereeee

  • 55w ago kayesdale kayesdale

    @john_john428 Aww!! We are!!!

  • 22w ago maddievicoz maddievicoz

    Miss y’all. Come back 🖤


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