Instagram post by @chilevuela Matt Bardeen

After 6 months lost in the wilderness, I finally see my @flying_cinema #x24 again. Epic recovery footage coming soon! @dronesdecarrera #fpvaddiction #fpvfreestyle #flycrashrebuildrepeat #drones


  • 115w ago lougedo lougedo

    Wooowww felicidades !! 🙌🏼

  • 115w ago vondfpv vondfpv

    Wow this is like a love story with a happy end.

  • 115w ago maurosalazar maurosalazar

    ReAlly???? Wowowow amazing

  • 115w ago airvuzjenny airvuzjenny

    That's incredible!! Good for you 😁

  • 115w ago nicholas_grogan nicholas_grogan

    Always feels good to find one you thought was long gone!

  • 115w ago flying_cinema flying_cinema

    Dude!! Funny I found the one I lost 6 months a go in sandiego too!!

  • 115w ago flying_cinema flying_cinema

    So happy for you @chilevuela Hope you can use some of the parts still

  • 115w ago chilevuela chilevuela

    @flying_cinema Rock on! Did someone take it? I plugged mine into a good battery when I got home and things lit up. Motors may be seized but I'm hopeful it will fly again with the same electronics

  • 115w ago chilevuela chilevuela

    @enrgy_fpv I've made a couple expeditions looking for this one. Still feels like a dream that I recovered it.

  • 115w ago jonathan.mena jonathan.mena

    Eso se llama suerte!!!

  • 115w ago axisaerialworks axisaerialworks


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