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(song: blue skies, lenka. revoke remix)
name: Bethany Rose Anland (alias: Trinity Wallis)
age: 26
ethnicity: caucasian (white)
gender: female, she/her
sexuality: monogamous bisexual
relationship(s): single (0/3)
creature: human
hair: blonde
eyes: hazel
height: 5'7
addictions: alcohol, slight drug use (ritalin)
extra: flower tattoo on wrist
occupation: assassin turned murderer
"My mother, she was always a drunken fool.
No matter how hard she tried to raise me properly, she always ended up sitting on her fat ass with empty bottles of her strongest beer in each hand and regret on her breath.
She somehow got me to school, and I learned much from that wretched place.
I even wanted to be a registered nurse.
But all of that useless knowledge never got me anywhere, even after I almost got my doctorate degree.
So, I became a hitman.
Yeah, it was rough at first.
I couldn't be too famous, but I needed enough recognition to earn some income.
It started off with frustrated couples and crazy teenagers, but over time I became more and more interactive with my prey.
My customers soon became my victims.
I now roam the back alleys of New York City, waiting for someone to catch their eye on my "hot, young piece of ass" and then I strike.
It gives me a rush, you know?
Seeing their warm blood drip to the ground, it just makes my heart rush with excitement."
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