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"The Taurus full moon comes as a reminder for us to think about our self worth and feelings of security in the world."
"The Taurus supermoon is also going to bring closure to the events that happened back on the October new moon. If issues stirred for you on or around this time, this full moon may help to bring some closure or understanding."
"Overall, this Taurus supermoon is here to teach us how to ground our emotions, enhance our feelings of self worth and open our hearts to the abundance of the universe." Beyond thankful to be able to spend last night on top of Mt Soledad capturing every moment of the supermoon with two amazingly beautiful women in my life! Knowing it falls in the sign of Taurus makes it that much more relevant in my life. With so many emotions on saving money, searching for my life purpose and knowing my self worth, pushing myself to grow within daily and appreciating who I am as a person shows how powerful the energy felt from this amazing accurance of the moon is. LADIES we are amazing women and will let go of the negative energy and negative people in our lives! Keep people around who love and support us daily, and who recognize and see us for the amazing women we truly are ❤😘✌ we missed you karen! #positiveenergy #positivevibes #zodiacsigns #love #zen #yesplease #taurussupermoon♉️ #theenergyisstrong #theenergyisreal #knowyourselfworth #beyondblessed @nomadic_nadia
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