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  • 97w ago lellylel07 lellylel07

    yeah you're right we have been sleeping on you... I missed your show here in Inglewood on Florence and I've regretted it ever since.. congratulations for the positive in your life

  • 97w ago bigerik1231 bigerik1231

    Wish u the best bro

  • 97w ago zeekster805 zeekster805

    118 fwy my boy

  • 97w ago blanca1luv35 blanca1luv35

    Keeping on going young man. Don't let nothing stop you. Blessed

  • 97w ago fill_l0pez fill_l0pez

    Yo yo yo what up lump you got love out here in the bay bro

  • 97w ago loriliq loriliq

    Sooo very very proud of you baby!!!!!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡


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